10 Facts About Marshall Brodien


Marshall Brodien never graduated high school and began working at age 14, selling and demonstrating magic tricks and novelties at the Magic Center in downtown Chicago.


At age 16, Brodien worked at Chicago's Riverview Park, performing magic tricks.


Marshall Brodien served in the Army during the 1950s at Fort Carson in Colorado and performed more than 700 shows while in the Army at hospitals, non-commissioned officers clubs and private parties.


Marshall Brodien, who had been making semi-regular guest appearances performing magic tricks as himself on Bozo's Circus since 1962, began appearing as a wizard character in an Arabian Nights-inspired costume in 1968 and evolved into Wizzo the Wizard by the early 1970s.


Marshall Brodien was billed as being from "Arobia" and possessed the magical Stone of Zanzabar.


In 1970, Marshall Brodien was the spokesperson and creator of a trick magic card deck known as TV Magic Cards, which was a renamed Svengali deck.


Marshall Brodien had a car with vanity license plates reading "WIZ" and custom pin-striping which contained a tiny "WIZ" within the striping.


Marshall Brodien designed magic trick sets for children through a company called Cadaco Toys.


Marshall Brodien occasionally made public appearances in the Chicago area, and a biography, The Magical Life Of Marshall Brodien, was published in 2007.


Marshall Brodien died on March 8,2019, from Alzheimer's disease in Geneva, Illinois at the age of 84.