13 Facts About Marty Moe


Marty Moe later worked for AOL before joining SportsBlogs Inc, which rebranded as Vox Media in 2011.


Marty Moe is credited as a co-founder of the technology news website The Verge.


Marty Moe was the site's publisher, then Vox Media's chief content officer, before being promoted to the role of president.


Martin Troen Moe is the son of Daniel Moe, a former choral music professor at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, and Doris M Tanner, a psychotherapist.


Marty Moe attended Oberlin College and the New York University School of Law.


Marty Moe was appointed to serve as an adviser to Lawrence Summers, United States Secretary of the Treasury, during the presidency of Bill Clinton.


Marty Moe joined AOL in November 2001, and served as senior vice-president of the money and finance group, and news and information group, in the company's content division.


Marty Moe joined former AOL executive Jim Bankoff at SB Nation in April 2011, initially serving as chief content officer.


Marty Moe co-founded and served as publisher of the site, along with the video game news website Polygon, which launched as another Vox Media brand in October 2012.


Marty Moe was named chief operating officer of Vox Media in January 2013, and became the company's president by 2015.


Marty Moe served as executive producer for Foul Play, a documentary series developed by the business in conjunction with SB Nation and Verizon Communications' go90 platform, premiering in 2018.


Marty Moe is executive producer for No Passport Required, a PBS cuisine and travel television series that premiered in 2018, as well as the American Style series, which was slated to air on CNN in 2019.


In June 1998, Marty Moe married Lisel Loy, who served as a special counsel in the Secretary of the Interior's office at the United States Department of the Interior, and later as Staff Secretary in the White House under President Bill Clinton.