17 Facts About Mary Matalin


Mary Joe Matalin was born on August 19,1953 and is an American political consultant well known for her work with the Republican Party.


Mary Matalin is married to Democratic political consultant James Carville.


On May 5,2016, Mary Matalin announced she has changed her party registration to Libertarian.


Mary Matalin grew up in the Chicago suburb of Burnham, Illinois, the daughter of Eileen, who ran beauty salons, and Steven Mary Matalin, a steel mill worker.


Mary Matalin originally intended to follow her mother into the beauty salon profession, and briefly considered becoming a model.


Mary Matalin rose quickly, as an aide to Richard Bond and Chief of Staff to RNC co-Chairperson Betty Heitman in 1985.


In 1992, Mary Matalin served as the deputy campaign manager for political operations on Bush's reelection campaign.


Mary Matalin was a host of CNN's Crossfire political debate show, and in 1993, she co-hosted Equal Time, which aired on the CNBC business television channel.


Matalin was the host of her own talk radio show in the 1990s, The Mary Matalin Show, which was carried on the CBS Radio Network.


Mary Matalin appeared alongside her husband James Carville in HBO's 2003 television show K Street where she and her husband played versions of themselves as they lobbied real and fictional politicians.


Mary Matalin worked on the presidential campaign of Fred Thompson until January 2008, when Thompson dropped out of the race.


In 2008, Mary Matalin joined the Board of Directors at The George Washington University's Cheney Cardiovascular Institute.


Mary Matalin serves on numerous other boards including The Water Institute of the Gulf, Conscience Cause, The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra and the Tulane President's Council.


Mary Matalin was named PETA's "Person of the Year" in December 2016.


On November 25,1993, Mary Matalin married James Carville, a political strategist for candidates of the Democratic Party, in New Orleans.


Mary Matalin wrote the best-selling book All's Fair: Love, War and Running for President with Carville and co-author Peter Knobler.


In 2008, Carville and Mary Matalin moved their family to New Orleans.