12 Facts About Mary Ruwart


Mary J Ruwart was born on October 16,1949 and is an American retired biomedical researcher and a libertarian speaker, writer, and activist.


Mary Ruwart was a leading candidate for the 2008 Libertarian Party presidential nomination and is the author of the book Healing Our World.


Mary Ruwart holds a Bachelor of Science with a major in biochemistry, and a doctorate in biophysics from Michigan State University.


Mary Ruwart has served on the Libertarian National Committee, and was a keynote speaker at the 2004 Libertarian National Convention.


In 2002, libertarians launched an unsuccessful lobbying campaign to get Dr Mary Ruwart appointed Food and Drug Administration Commissioner.


Additionally, Mary Ruwart has served on the boards of the International Society for Individual Liberty, the Fully Informed Jury Association, and the Michigan chapter of the Heartland Institute.


Mary Ruwart is a longtime supporter of the Free State Project and officially endorsed it on May 17,2008 while on-air on Free Talk Live.


Mary Ruwart unsuccessfully ran for Texas Comptroller in 2010 against incumbent Republican Susan Combs.


Mary Ruwart received 417,523 votes in a race that had no Democrat.


In March 2008, in response to an informal draft effort by a group of Libertarian Party activists, Mary Ruwart announced her candidacy for the Libertarian presidential nomination in the 2008 election.


Mary Ruwart ran on a platform of ending military intervention overseas and nation-building, ending torture, ending foreign aid, promoting free trade, eliminating welfare entitlements and creating jobs by slashing government spending.


Mary Ruwart lost the nomination to Bob Barr on the sixth ballot at the 2008 Libertarian National Convention on May 25,2008.