12 Facts About Maud Adams


Maud Adams is fluent in five languages, and at one time wanted to work as an interpreter.

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Maud Adams was discovered in 1963 in a shop by a photographer who asked to take her picture, a picture he submitted to the Miss Sweden contest arranged by the magazine Allers; from there her modeling career took off.

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Maud Adams's acting career started when she was asked to appear in the 1970 movie The Boys in the Band, in which she played a photo-shoot model in the opening credits.

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Maud Adams was catapulted to international fame as the doomed mistress of the villain in The Man with the Golden Gun.

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Maud Adams was so well regarded by James Bond film series producer Albert Broccoli that she was asked to return in Octopussy in 1983, this time as a lead, the title character—an exotic and mysterious smuggler, again opposite Roger Moore.

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Maud Adams had Swedish co-stars in her three Bond films: Britt Ekland as Mary Goodnight in The Man with the Golden Gun; in Octopussy both Kristina Wayborn as Magda, and Mary Stavin as an Octopussy girl; and in A View to a Kill, in which she was an extra, Mary Stavin played agent Kimberley Jones, and Dolph Lundgren played Venz.

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Maud Adams appeared in the US television series Emerald Point NAS in 1983 and 1984, but was unable to sustain her high profile, falling back on second-rate material such as Jane and the Lost City in 1987.

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Maud Adams hosted the Swedish TV show Kafe Lulea in 1994, and played a guest role in the Swedish soap opera Vita logner in 1998.

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Maud Adams guest-starred in That '70s Show in 2000, appearing as a bridesmaid to Tanya Roberts, along with Kristina Wayborn and Barbara Carrera; all four share the title of 'Bond girl'.

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Maud Adams was the president of a cosmetics company called Scandinavian Biocosmetics.

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Maud Adams married photographer Roy Maud Adams in 1966 and then divorced him in 1975.

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Maud Adams married her current husband, private mediator and retired judge, Charles Rubin, in 1999.

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