32 Facts About Maurice Chevalier

1. Maurice Chevalier made his debut as a Parisian cafe singer in 1901.

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2. Maurice Chevalier was born on Sept 12, 1888 in Paris.

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3. Maurice Chevalier signed the anti-nuclear Stockholm Appeal in 1951 and was put on a watch list by the US State Department.

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4. Maurice Chevalier died at home in Paris in January 1972.

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5. Maurice Chevalier was born on 12 September 1888 in Paris, France.

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6. Maurice Chevalier was teamed with Jeanette MacDonald in one of the most sophisticated movie musicals made in Hollywood.

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7. Maurice Chevalier died of heart failure on the first day of 1972.

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8. At the height of the Great Depression Maurice Chevalier was earning $20,000 a week as a contract player with Paramount.

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9. Maurice Chevalier decided to become a solo performer in 1919, after years spent in the shadow of Mistinguett.

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10. Maurice Chevalier left school at the age of ten, determined to be an acrobat.

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11. Maurice Chevalier died in Paris on New Year's Day of 1972, at age 83.

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12. Maurice Chevalier was well known enough that the Marx Brothers could parody his singing of "If a Nightingale Could Sing Like You" in their 1934 farce "Monkey Business", confident that their nationwide audience would get the joke.

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13. Maurice Chevalier launched a solo career after the war and the relationship with Mistinguett cooled, although the two continued to perform together occasionally.

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14. Maurice Chevalier was depicted along with French actor Charles Boyer in a Tex Avery cartoon.

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15. Maurice Chevalier was a member of the Grand Order of Water Rats and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1651 Vine Street.

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16. Maurice Chevalier died in Paris of kidney failure, on New Year's Day 1972, aged 83, and was interred in the cemetery of Marnes-la-Coquette in Hauts-de-Seine, outside Paris, France.

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17. Maurice Chevalier appeared as himself in the 1958 Lucy Goes to Mexico television episode of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour.

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18. Maurice Chevalier appeared in the movie musical Gigi with Leslie Caron and Hermione Gingold, with whom he shared the song "I Remember It Well", and several Walt Disney films.

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19. In 1957, Maurice Chevalier was awarded The George Eastman Award, given by George Eastman House for distinguished contribution to the art of film.

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20. In 1954, after the McCarthy era abated Maurice Chevalier was welcomed back in the United States.

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21. Maurice Chevalier was therefore even less popular in the US during the McCarthyism period; in 1951, he was refused re-entry into the US because he had signed the Stockholm Appeal.

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22. Maurice Chevalier started to paint and collect and acted in Le silence est d'or (1946) by Rene Clair.

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23. Maurice Chevalier had several successes, such as his revue Paris en Joie in the Casino de Paris.

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24. Maurice Chevalier took it, said "Thank you", put it in his pocket, and continued with the conversation.

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25. Maurice Chevalier appeared in Paramount's all-star revue film Paramount on Parade.

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26. Maurice Chevalier signed a contract with Paramount Pictures and played his first American role in Innocents of Paris.

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27. Maurice Chevalier met the American composers George Gershwin and Irving Berlin and brought Dede to Broadway in 1922.

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28. Maurice Chevalier went to London, where he found new success at the Palace Theatre, even though he still sang in French.

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29. Maurice Chevalier discovered jazz and ragtime and started thinking about touring the United States.

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30. In 1917, Maurice Chevalier became a star in le Casino de Paris and played before British soldiers and Americans.

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31. Maurice Chevalier died in Paris, on January 1, 1972, aged 83.

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32. Maurice Chevalier developed an interest in acting and had success in Dede.

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