47 Facts About Mauricio Pochettino

1. Mauricio Pochettino signed a new five year deal, despite being linked with the then-vacant Real Madrid job.

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2. Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino has been seen watching Barcelona's "B" team at the Mini Estadi, which stands right next to Camp Nou, according to Sky Sports.

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3. Mauricio Pochettino frequents Barcelona in international breaks having lived there during his time as.

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4. Mauricio Pochettino admits life on the road has been tough for Tottenham.

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5. Mauricio Pochettino claims to have learned a lot by watching the new series of House of Cards.

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6. Mauricio Pochettino hoped for a 'hat-trick' when Erik Lamela and Juan Foyth were initially called up for Argentina's friendlies against Mexico in this international break.

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7. Mauricio Pochettino has insisted that he is intrinsically linked to the project at Tottenham Hotspur and wants to continue at the club for a long time.

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8. Mauricio Pochettino was heavily linked with the Real Madrid job in the summer when Los Blancos appointed Julen Lopetegui and the speculation returned.

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9. Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino is keen to see Santiago Solari succeed as the new Real Madrid coach.

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10. Mauricio Pochettino shares the first question every player asks him before signing for Tottenham.

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11. Mauricio Pochettino should pay close attention to Pulisic's performance against England.

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12. Mauricio Pochettino hopes his players don't go on global duty.

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13. Mauricio Pochettino admits Moussa Sissoko's Tottenham Hotspur future has at times been uncertain but believes the midfielder is turning his career at the club around.

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14. Mauricio Pochettino believes Moussa Sissoko is turning around Tottenham career.

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15. Mauricio Pochettino has told Real Madrid he is staying at Tottenham, according to the Sun.

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16. Mauricio Pochettino looks to House of Cards for tips on life at Tottenham.

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17. Mauricio Pochettino feels Harry Kane can improve for Tottenham by worrying less about goals.

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18. Mauricio Pochettino feels sorry for Mousa Dembele after he picked up an injury and hopes he will return to the team soon.

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19. Mauricio Pochettino insists there would be no shame if Tottenham crash out of the Champions League at the group stage this season.

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20. Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino has told Real Madrid he will not become their next manager, according The Sun.

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21. Mauricio Pochettino admitted it has been difficult for Tottenham this season as they feel like they are always playing away from home.

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22. Mauricio Pochettino would prefer not to send players on international duty.

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23. Dele Alli and Mauricio Pochettino commended the performance of Tottenham match-winner Juan Foyth after Saturday's.

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24. Mauricio Pochettino has called Harry Kane a 'killer' in front of goal, comparing the Tottenham forward to legendary Argentina striker Gabriel Batistuta.

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25. Mauricio Pochettino hailed Juan Foyth's mental strength after his winning goal at Crystal Palace and stated that his young countryman has the potential to be one of the best centre-backs in Europe.

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26. Mauricio Pochettino talks about the rumours linking him with Real Madrid.

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27. Mauricio Pochettino admits he'd rather not send his Tottenham stars away on international duty.

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28. Mauricio Pochettino believes Spurs can reach Champions League knockout stages.

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29. Mauricio Pochettino believes Kane can improve by worrying less about goals.

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30. Mauricio Pochettino has redefined Tottenham and is entitled to be disappointed with fans booing his decision to take Lucas Moura off against PSV.

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31. Mauricio Pochettino gives blunt reasoning for his Spurs selection against Wolves.

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32. Mauricio Pochettino is without a number of players for PSV clash.

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33. Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino believes that goalkeeping coach Tony Jimenez needs to be given credit for helping the players improve and grow.

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34. Mauricio Pochettino has dismissed speculation he was offered £15million a year to leave Tottenham and take charge of Real Madrid.

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35. Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino reiterated his commitment to the Premier League club on Thursday, giving short shrift to speculation linking him with Real Madrid.

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36. Mauricio Pochettino has no issues with the Tottenham fans who booed his decision to substitute Lucas Moura during Tuesday's Champions League victory over PSV Eindhoven, and has thanked them for turning out at Wembley again.

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37. Mauricio Pochettino responds Spurs fans' ire over Lucas Moura sub: 'I understand their reaction'.

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38. Mauricio Pochettino said Tottenham and their supporters should be grateful for being able to use Wembley while dismissing any potential move to Real Madrid.

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39. On 24 May 2018, Mauricio Pochettino signed a new five-year contract to keep him at White Hart Lane until 2023.

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40. On 12 May 2016, Mauricio Pochettino agreed to an extension to his contract, committing him to the club until 2021.

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41. On 27 May 2014, Mauricio Pochettino was appointed head coach of Tottenham Hotspur on a five-year contract, becoming their tenth manager over a 12-year span.

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42. Mauricio Pochettino was born in Murphy, Santa Fe of Italian descent.

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43. Mauricio Pochettino began his managerial career at Espanyol in January 2009, remaining in the post for nearly four years.

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44. Mauricio Pochettino preferred over Antonio Conte to help Real Madrid seal £100million transfer raid on Chelsea.

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45. Mauricio Pochettino believes Manchester City are the best team in England.

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46. Mauricio Pochettino worried about his pooch ahead of late Saturday kick-off.

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47. Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino has discussed his relationship with Arsenal boss Unai Emery, labelling the Spaniard a "very good friend.

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