13 Facts About Maxine Elliott


Maxine Elliott known as Little Jessie, Dettie or by her birth name Jessie Dermot, was an American actress and businesswoman.


Maxine Elliott managed her own theater and experimented with silent films in the 1910s.


Maxine Elliott adopted her stage name Maxine Elliott in 1889, making her first appearance in 1890 in The Middleman.


Maxine Elliott was billed alone when Charles B Dillingham's production of Her Own Way opened on Broadway on September 28,1903.


Shortly after divorcing Goodwin, she returned to New York City and in 1908 opened her own theater, The Maxine Elliott, located on 39th Street near Broadway.


Maxine Elliott was both owner and manager, and, at the time, the only woman in the United States running her own theater.


Maxine Elliott experimented with acting in silent films in 1913.


In 1917, Maxine Elliott returned to the US and signed with the newly formed Goldwyn Pictures to make the 1917 film Fighting Odds and The Eternal Magdalene.


The odds are against Maxine Elliott's films surviving the decades, but evidence points to Fighting Odds surviving in Russia's Gosfilmofond.


Maxine Elliott can be seen visiting Charlie Chaplin's studios in 1918 and cavorting with him and her entourage before Chaplin's cameras.


Maxine Elliott's visit to Chaplin survives and usually ends up in omnibus videos on Chaplin.


Maxine Elliott then retired from acting, announcing that she "wished to grow middle-aged gracefully".


Maxine Elliott died on March 5,1940, in Cannes, France, a wealthy woman, at the age of 72.