11 Facts About Maya Plisetskaya


In 1960, when famed Russian ballerina Galina Ulanova retired, Plisetskaya became prima ballerina assoluta of the company.


Maya Plisetskaya was born on 20 November 1925 in Moscow, into a prominent family of Lithuanian Jewish descent, most of whom were involved in the theater or film.


Maya Plisetskaya was taken in by their maternal aunt, ballerina Sulamith Messerer, until her mother was released in 1941.


In 1943, at the age of eighteen, Maya Plisetskaya graduated from the Bolshoi School.


Maya Plisetskaya joined the Bolshoi Ballet, where she performed until 1990.


In 1958, Maya Plisetskaya received the title of the People's Artist of the USSR.


Maya Plisetskaya starred in the 1961 film, The Humpbacked Horse, and appeared as a straight actress in several films, including the Soviet version of Anna Karenina, which featured music by Shchedrin later reused in his ballet score.


Maya Plisetskaya retired as a soloist for the Bolshoi at age 65 in 1990 and on her 70th birthday, she debuted in Maurice Bejart's piece choreographed for her, "Ave Maya".


Maya Plisetskaya was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts in 2005 with the ballerina Tamara Rojo.


Maya Plisetskaya died in Munich, Germany, on 2 May 2015 from a heart attack.


Maya Plisetskaya was invited to gatherings with Kennedy and his family at their estate on Cape Cod in 1962.