21 Facts About Meghnad Saha


Meghnad Saha was an Indian astrophysicist who developed the Saha ionization equation, used to describe chemical and physical conditions in stars.

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Meghnad Saha's work allowed astronomers to accurately relate the spectral classes of stars to their actual temperatures.

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Meghnad Saha was elected to the Parliament of India in 1952 from Kolkata.

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Meghnad Saha was born in 1893 in a very poor Dalit family in Shaoratoli, a village near Dhaka-Bikrampur, in the former Bengal Presidency of British India .

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Meghnad Saha earned his Indian School Certificate from Dhaka College.

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Meghnad Saha was a student at the Presidency College, Kolkata and Rajabazar Science College CU.

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When Meghnad Saha was at Eden Hindu Hostel, upper-caste students objected to him eating in the same dining hall because he was not from upper caste.

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Meghnad Saha was a professor at Allahabad University from 1923 to 1938, and thereafter a professor and Dean of the Faculty of Science at the University of Calcutta until his death in 1956.

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Meghnad Saha was president of the 21st session of the Indian Science Congress in 1934.

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Amongst Meghnad Saha's classmates were Satyendra Nath Bose, Jnan Ghosh and Jnanendra Nath Mukherjee.

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Meghnad Saha had previously reached the following conclusion on the subject.

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Meghnad Saha invented an instrument to measure the weight and pressure of solar rays and helped to build several scientific institutions, such as the Physics Department in Allahabad University and the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Calcutta.

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Meghnad Saha founded the journal Science and Culture and was the editor until his death.

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Meghnad Saha was the leading spirit in organizing several scientific societies, such as the National Academy of Science, the Indian Physical Society, Indian Institute of Science .

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Meghnad Saha ran on the ticket of Union of Socialists and Progressives but Saha always maintained his independence.

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Meghnad Saha was pitted against a powerful and well-funded candidate from Congress, Mr Prabhu Dayal Himatsingka.

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Meghnad Saha actively participated in the parliament in the areas of Education, Refugee and Rehabilitation, Atomic Energy, Multipurpose River Projects and Flood Control and long term planning.

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Meghnad Saha was the chief architect of river planning in India and prepared the original plan for the Damodar Valley Project.

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Meghnad Saha died on 16 February 1956 of a cardiac arrest in New Delhi.

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Meghnad Saha was on his way to the office of the Planning Commission in Rashtrapati Bhavan, when he collapsed a few yards away from there.

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Meghnad Saha's remains were cremated at the Keoratola crematorium in Kolkata the following day.

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