11 Facts About Melinda McGraw


Melinda McGraw was born on October 25,1968 and is an American actress.

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Melinda McGraw has starred in movies such as The Dark Knight, Wrongfully Accused, and Skateland, and is known for her television performances on Mad Men, Men of a Certain Age, X-Files, The West Wing, and NCIS.

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Melinda McGraw's father served as a diplomat for the Agency of International Development before becoming an executive with a major hotel in Boston.

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Melinda McGraw later earned recognition for her role as Melissa Scully, Dana Scully's ill-fated sister, in four episodes of The X-Files.

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Melinda McGraw has starred in The Pursuit of Happiness, Soul Man, Living in Captivity, Wednesday 9:30, and Center of the Universe.

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In 2006, Melinda McGraw played Jane Braun, campaign advisor to Presidential candidate Arnold Vinick, in several episodes of The West Wing and appeared in an episode of Bones.

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Melinda McGraw played US Attorney Valerie Por in Close to Home and Hartley Green in Saving Grace in 2007, as well as Annette Barron in two episodes of Journeyman.

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Melinda McGraw appeared in 2008's The Dark Knight as Lieutenant Gordon's wife, Barbara.

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Melinda McGraw had a recurring role as seductive adulteress Bobbie Barrett in the second season of AMC's Mad Men.

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Melinda McGraw co-starred with Kelsey Grammer on the ABC sitcom Hank before its cancellation on November 11,2009.

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Melinda McGraw appeared again as Diane in 2019, but as a ghost in the episode “Daughters”.

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