105 Facts About Melissa Hastings


Melissa Hastings is a fictional character in the Pretty Little Liars franchise.


An antiheroine, Melissa is sister to protagonist Spencer Hastings, and the daughter of Peter and Veronica Hastings.


Melissa Hastings is a fierce woman who does everything to succeed in her life goals.


In print, she is a guest character, while on screen Melissa has a much bigger presence in the story.


Melissa Hastings has had recurring appearances in most of the Pretty Little Liars novels, starting with the 2006 homonymous book.


Melissa Hastings appeared in the 2012 companion novel Pretty Little Secrets.


Melissa Hastings is the daughter of Peter and Veronica Hastings, sister of Spencer Hastings, and half-sister to the twins Alison and Courtney DiLaurentis, which are the result of an affair her father Peter had with the twins' mother Jessica.


Melissa Hastings attended high school at Rosewood Day School and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.


Melissa Hastings always seems to one-up Spencer in everything from academic achievements to extracurricular actives.


Ian returns from California and starts working as a field hockey coach, in Spencer's team, which allows Melissa Hastings to pursue him again.


Spencer and Melissa Hastings's feud continues anyway after Melissa Hastings confronts Spencer about seeing Ian behind her back, which Spencer denies.


Spencer and Mona discover a note from "A" and suspect that Melissa Hastings killed Alison because she was jealous of her relationship with Ian.


When Courtney DiLaurentis, Alison's twin sister, returns Melissa Hastings immediately has a bad feeling about her.


Melissa Hastings investigates Courtney, but gets too close to the truth and is kidnapped by Courtney.


Melissa Hastings wakes up bound and gagged in a wardrobe next to Ian's dead body, Courtney didn't have time to kill her then, but she was going to kill her later.


Melissa Hastings has been accused of being "A" multiple times, and has held grudges against the Liars, yet has seemingly displayed affectionate and overprotective behavior towards her sister.


Melissa Hastings subsequently informs her sister that she alongside her fiance, Wren Kingston, will be moving into the shed.


When Spencer orders a vodka soda, Melissa Hastings proclaims the waitress she's joking and simultaneously orders the same drink as their father.


Melissa Hastings sees them through an oval mirror but avoids confrontation.


Melissa Hastings eventually reads it and plans a small vendetta against her sister.


Melissa Hastings was asked to chaperone Spencer's homecoming dance, and uses the opportunity to drive a wedge between her relationship with Alex.


Later, when Ian returns to Rosewood, Spencer tried mending her relationship with Melissa Hastings by setting them up together for coffee.


Melissa Hastings confesses to sister that she is trying to start a family.


Thomas replies, "I know she can", alluding to the fact that Melissa Hastings is still in the dark about the kiss that occurred between her husband and sister.


Melissa Hastings accuses her sister of being selfish, whilst Spencer argues that not every deed Melissa Hastings does takes Spencer's best interests into account.


Melissa Hastings further explains the abortion never took place, as she miscarried.


Melissa Hastings adds that losing a child made the follow-up pregnancy much more pivotal.


Melissa Hastings is kept longer, as her fetus needs to be monitored carefully, though it turns out to be fine.


Melissa Hastings softens a bit towards Spencer, but is later spotted doing mysterious activities and dodging Spencer from her whereabouts.


Later, Melissa Hastings is seen looking around the house for Ian's passport and claims it's for the insurance company.


However, Spencer scopes out the barn when Melissa Hastings is showering and finds a suitcase packed with items for Ian.


When Melissa Hastings goes to visit Ian at his barn hideout with Wren, she stumbles upon her husband sitting dead with a bullet wound, beside a gun and a suicide letter.


Melissa Hastings reacts in total agony, and Spencer comes out of her hiding place to comfort her.


Melissa Hastings is silent and withdrawn after this, so Spencer convinces her parents to stage a funeral for Ian in order to give her sister closure.


Spencer tries to reason with her sister, but Melissa Hastings refuses making amends.


Melissa Hastings is once more beyond livid, accusing Spencer of posing as Ian and vows to never forgive her.


In later episodes, Melissa Hastings is not seen in Rosewood, but is mentioned occasionally.


Melissa Hastings seems oblivious to Alison's attempts at stealing her boyfriend, though she does kiss Ian just as Alison is trying to strike up a conversation with him at Noel's Halloween party.


When she leaves, Alison accuses Melissa Hastings of being insecure and trying to outshine Spencer in the eyes of their parents with her own success.


Melissa Hastings has an irregular heartbeat and is being looked at by specialists.


When Melissa Hastings fails to meet Spencer, she is caught with Garrett Reynolds.


Nonetheless, Melissa Hastings ends up asking Spencer to have a one-o-one chat.


Melissa Hastings further adds that she was a wreck after noticing that Alison was flirting with Ian and sent her texts ordering her to "back the hell off".


At first, Spencer worries that Melissa Hastings is "A" but her belief is quickly disproved.


Melissa Hastings quickly dismisses the gift by stating and Spencer deduces their father didn't pay Alison.


Nevertheless, Melissa Hastings remains insistent that both of their parents have lied before and still are.


In "UnmAsked", Melissa Hastings arrives at the Masquerade Ball in Rosewood High clothed as the Black Swan to distract the Liars.


Melissa Hastings had miscarried the day after she found Ian's body.


In "Birds of a Feather", Melissa Hastings is accused of being the Black Swan due to significant evidence being found in her closet.


Melissa Hastings is confronted by Spencer, and admits to having disguised herself as the entity whilst under Mona's orders when she was "A".


In "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted", Melissa Hastings is making dinner for herself and Spencer, since their parents are in London, when someone knocks on the door.


Jason later discloses to Emily that on the night his sister went missing, he saw Melissa Hastings talking to someone who heavily resembled Alison.


Melissa Hastings is then seen contacting Spencer to find out where she is, and Wren answers that she has food poisoning.


Melissa Hastings admits that she's tired of covering for her about skipping school, further adding the next time their mother calls she's going to rat on her.


Melissa Hastings is then seen on her iPad when Spencer returns home from her date with Wren.


Later in Radley Sanitarium, Melissa Hastings is extremely apologetic because she was responsible for looking after Spencer while their parents were out of the country.


Melissa Hastings admits that it didn't occur to her that Spencer showcased erratic behavior, as she simply assumed her sister was being vile.


Melissa Hastings further informs her "those bitches will be at the lodge at nine".


However, before Melissa Hastings's face is shown the video abruptly ends.


Melissa Hastings swears that it was Wilden who tried to harm her and further discloses that her, Jenna and Shana were afraid of Wilden and that she sent them to Thornhill to find out if they were meeting Alison, confirming that Melissa Hastings too suspects her former nemesis of being alive.


Melissa Hastings finds the city beautiful but cold, which Spencer thinks is an appropriate comparison to her sister.


Melissa Hastings reappears in a flashback at the Hilton Head confronting Ian about his inappropriate relationship with Alison, telling Thomas he either dumps her or she calls off their relationship.


Later, Melissa Hastings informs her father that she wants to tell Holbrook the truth.


Melissa Hastings adds that when Spencer finds out, she'll have a reason to come home.


Veronica warns her youngest daughter not to expect any souvenirs from London, because all Melissa Hastings "brought back was attitude and secrets".


Spencer accuses Melissa Hastings of thinking that Jason killed his mother, something Melissa Hastings does not deny.


Melissa Hastings wants to know why her sister sent Toby after her to London and Spencer replies he went on his own.


Melissa Hastings thinks that Spencer bringing Ali back to town safe and sound was a mistake and counsels her to stay away from her neighbor.


Spencer reminds Melissa Hastings they are both related to parts of Ali's family.


Melissa Hastings suggests to Peter coming clean about her secret, but Peter instantly sends Spencer to her room.


In "Thrown from the Ride", Spencer mentions to Veronica that Melissa Hastings wanted to tell her something, but Peter prevented her.


Veronica assures Spencer the only thing Melissa Hastings has been hiding is that she got back together with Wren.


Later on "Miss Me x 100", Veronica discloses to Spencer that she was working with a private investigator and discovered that Peter and Melissa Hastings lied about their whereabouts the night Jessica was killed.


Melissa Hastings insists she's not taking sides, but Spencer doesn't believe it, reminding her sister that she's letting Peter stay in her apartment.


Melissa Hastings affirms that the two of them fighting isn't helping anything, and that things are bad enough between Veronica and Peter.


Spencer thought Melissa Hastings had left the house already but Melissa Hastings states she forgot the grocery list.


Spencer questions what Melissa Hastings wants, and she replies that Veronica wanted her to try and see if Spencer would like anything special for dinner.


Later on, Melissa Hastings is waiting in the shadows of the kitchen as Spencer tries to sneak into the house.


Spencer further comments that she saw her sister's computer, and knows that Melissa Hastings was looking up flights.


Melissa Hastings's bad-tempered response causes Spencer to reveal that she knows Melissa is helping Mona.


Unfolding her arms, Melissa Hastings explains that she only helped Mona because she wanted Spencer to see that Alison remains a bully.


Melissa Hastings had caught a glimpse of Spencer walking back into their barn holding a shovel in her hands.


Melissa Hastings proceeded to cover up Young's body with dirt, unbeknownst she was still alive.


In "To Plea or Not to Plea", Melissa Hastings arrives at her apartment in London and finds Spencer seated at a table, with her suitcase half packed.


Melissa Hastings further adds that Veronica went out of her way to track down her friend that works at St Andrew's, and when Spencer refuses another interview, Melissa comments that it's not like her to run away.


Spencer asserts that it must be nice, to which Melissa Hastings assures that it could be her future as well.


Melissa Hastings later offers Spencer a dress and makes a remark on how their relationship should consist of this.


Melissa Hastings discloses to Spencer that she should have never kept the truth about Bethany Young's death a secret.


Melissa Hastings thinks it's best for Spencer to stay in London but Spencer explains that she'd rather be supporting her friend.


Melissa Hastings admits she doesn't know, and explains that Veronica doesn't have a friend at St Andrew's.


Melissa Hastings reveals their mother found out Alison was offered a plea bargain and part of the deal was to name her accomplice, and they feared it'd be Spencer.


Spencer alludes they vowed to never withhold more secrets but Melissa Hastings exclaims that she was just trying to protect her.


Spencer points out the last time Melissa Hastings tried looking out for her, someone ended up dead.


Melissa is later seen at the Hastings residence, worrying over a reporter potentially withholding information regarding the confession tape she made her sister about the truth of Bethany Young's murder.


Melissa Hastings explains that Melissa spent the entire night drinking and sobbing at a bathroom in order to get over the fact that Charlotte dialed Wren to inform him that his partner had buried Bethany Young.


Peter divulges that Melissa Hastings left for London because the office needed her back, causing Spencer to ask why she'd leave right before the election.


Melissa Hastings tells her that she should stop worrying about Melissa and think about how she's going to help Veronica win the state senator elections.


Melissa Hastings sees paint and takes a picture of it before the same mechanic she had confronted earlier demands to know why she was there again.


Emily holds up a picture of Melissa Hastings and asks if she was his friend.


Peter discloses to his youngest daughter that Melissa Hastings didn't kill anyone but was blackmailed right before Charlotte's court hearing.


Melissa Hastings started getting threatening messages by an anonymous individual who claimed to have a copy of the video confession she once made Spencer, in regards to the truth about Bethany Young's murder.


Melissa Hastings adds that's why Melissa came back to Rosewood in secret, dropped off the cash and hoped it'd go away.


Melissa Hastings is trying to convince Spencer to give her the barn, when all of a sudden, Toby approaches with luggage.


Melissa Hastings is then seen spying on Aria talking over the phone to her doctor about her infertility issues.


Alex discloses to having engaged in a romantic relationship with Wren after Melissa Hastings began dating a composer sometime around the fifth season.