24 Facts About Melissa Rosenberg


Melissa Anne Rosenberg is an American television writer, television producer, and screenwriter.


Melissa Rosenberg has worked in both film and television and has won a Peabody Award.


Melissa Rosenberg has been nominated for two Emmy Awards, and two Writers Guild of America Awards.


Melissa Rosenberg worked on several television series between 1993 and 2003 before joining The OC.


Melissa Rosenberg wrote her second produced screenplay, the 2008 film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's novel Twilight in 2007, and then adapted the novel's three sequels.


Melissa Rosenberg's father is Jack Lee Rosenberg, a psychotherapist and the founder of integrative body psychotherapy.


Melissa Rosenberg was the second of four children by her father's first marriage.


Melissa Rosenberg's father was Jewish and her mother was of Irish Catholic background.


Melissa Rosenberg attended a "massive public high school with a crowd of people bunched in a classroom and expected to learn" in Southern California.


Melissa Rosenberg later moved to New York City to join a small theatre company before moving again to Bennington, Vermont to attend Bennington College.


Melissa Rosenberg originally aspired to work in Dance and Choreography.


Melissa Rosenberg says she began too late so she moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in the film industry instead.


Melissa Rosenberg graduated from the University of Southern California's Peter Stark Producing Program with a Master of Fine Arts degree in film and television producing.


Melissa Rosenberg's first project was a dance film commissioned by Paramount Pictures that was ultimately never made.


Melissa Rosenberg first wrote for Class of '96 in 1993, and went on to work on shows including Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, Dark Skies, The Magnificent Seven, Ally McBeal and Birds of Prey before she came to join the writing staff of The OC.


Melissa Rosenberg went on to write for the television series Love Monkey and Dexter.


Melissa Rosenberg gained a staff position as co-executive producer and writer for the second season in 2007 and continued in this role for the third season in 2008.


Melissa Rosenberg was promoted to executive producer for the fourth season in 2009 and continued to write episodes.


Melissa Rosenberg was nominated for the WGA award a third consecutive time at the February 2010 ceremony for her work on the fourth season of Dexter.


Melissa Rosenberg was given a "manifesto" written by Meyer outlining everything that had to be included or could not be changed in the adaptation.


Melissa Rosenberg was on the Writers Guild of America's board of directors for five years before stepping back because "you can get really, really wrapped up in it".


Melissa Rosenberg is currently involved in the WGA Diversity Committee supporting female screenwriters, but is more active in the League of Hollywood Women Writers, which she and several other women set up while on strike, aiming to fight the "boys' club mentality" in television writing rooms.


In October 2013, following a deal made by Netflix and Marvel, the series was revived as a part of four series and one mini-series commitment in which Melissa Rosenberg was brought on to be the showrunner.


Melissa Rosenberg's mother died when Melissa Rosenberg was a teenager, after her father had remarried to Lynn MacCuish; he later married again to fellow therapist Beverly Kitaen-Morse.