39 Facts About Michael Gallup

1. Michael Gallup has all the traits to be that kind of a player.

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2. Michael Gallup is definitely the kind of player that fits that mold.

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3. Michael Gallup is a catch-and-run receiver who plays a very solid all-around game.

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4. Michael Gallup started the 2017 season with 11 receptions for 134 yards in the team's season opener against Oregon State.

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5. Michael Gallup caught three touchdowns in each of their final two games of the season.

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6. Michael Gallup finished his freshman season at Butler with 45 receptions for 780 yards and 11 touchdowns.

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7. Michael Gallup sent out a tweet thanking his teammates and fans for their support.

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8. Michael Gallup is from Monroe, Georgia and ended up staying behind on Sunday to be with his family.

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9. Michael Gallup enjoyed watching Higgins take simple screens and turn them into 75-yard gains.

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10. Michael Gallup breaks a tackle and streaks for 56 yards to give the Rams the early lead over Nevada.

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11. Michael Gallup is all for it, saying he's told Jackson to enter games on his own.

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12. Michael Gallup is averaging 64 a contest and Bisi Johnson is at 66.

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13. Michael Gallup said he intends to play in Thursday's game against the Redskins, Brandon George of The Dallas Morning News reports.

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14. Michael Gallup rejoined the team Wednesday and will be available to play in the Cowboys' Thanksgiving Day game against the Redskins, Kate Hairopoulos of The Dallas Morning News reports.

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15. Michael Gallup had 44 catches, 780 yards, and 11 touchdowns as a true freshman at Butler Community College.

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16. Michael Gallup is younger and bigger than Ridley and can run routes just about as well.

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17. Michael Gallup has the strength and physicality to go over the middle.

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18. Michael Gallup uses that to get inside his defender, eventually blowing by him.

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19. Michael Gallup joins a Cowboys' receiving corps full of veterans like Cole Beasley, Terrance Williams, Allen Hurns, and Deonte Thompson.

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20. Michael Gallup was a runner-up along with Davis Sills of West Virginia.

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21. Michael Gallup was one of only 3 finalists for the Biletnikoff Award in 2017.

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22. Michael Gallup was born in Atlanta, Georgia and grew up in a smaller town near Athens.

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23. Michael Gallup found out after Week 11's win over the Atlanta Falcons, but.

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24. Michael Gallup is from a family of eight children with six adopted, including himself.

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25. Michael Gallup was spotted in a side room being consoled by wide receivers coach Sanjay Lal.

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26. Michael Gallup had two catches for 19 yards on six targets against the Redskins.

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27. Michael Gallup said one of his sisters and his mother spoke at the funeral.

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28. Michael Gallup said it was a small gathering of mostly friends and family.

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29. Michael Gallup played 36 of 70 snaps and made two catches for 19 yards.

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30. Michael Gallup had no time to celebrate a homecoming victory over the Falcons a week ago.

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31. Michael Gallup is blossoming into a great deep threat for Cowboys offense.

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32. Michael Gallup is blossoming into a great deep threat for Cowboys offense The Cowboys offense looked great in the first half before mostly sputtering in the second, scoring zero points in the.

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33. Michael Gallup scored 10.1 FanDuel points on Thursday, significantly outperforming numberFire's Week 13 projection of 2.5 FanDuel points.

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34. Michael Gallup should have had his first 100-yard game, but Dak Prescott missed him on what would have been a 55-yard touchdown.

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35. Michael Gallup made his NFL debut in the Cowboys' season-opening loss to the Carolina Panthers.

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36. On November 20, 2017, it was announced that Michael Gallup had accepted his invitation to play in the Senior Bowl.

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37. At the conclusion of the pre-draft process, Michael Gallup was projected to be a third round pick by NFL draft experts and scouts.

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38. Michael Gallup moved on to Butler Community College to improve his grades.

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39. Michael Gallup attended Monroe Area High School in Monroe, Georgia, where he played football, baseball, basketball, and ran track.

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