23 Facts About Michael Moriarty


Michael Moriarty was born on April 5,1941 and is an American-Canadian actor and jazz musician.


Michael Moriarty received an Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award for his first acting role on American television as a Nazi SS officer in the 1978 mini-series Holocaust as well as a Tony Award in 1974 for his performance in the play Find Your Way Home.


Michael Moriarty was born in Detroit, Michigan, on April 5,1941.


Michael Moriarty is the son of Eleanor and George Moriarty, a surgeon.


Michael Moriarty's grandfather George Moriarty was a third baseman, umpire and manager in major league baseball for nearly 40 years.


Michael Moriarty attended middle school at Cranbrook School in Bloomfield Hills before transferring to the University of Detroit Jesuit High School, graduating in 1959.


Michael Moriarty then matriculated at Dartmouth College, where he was a theatre college major, in the class of 1963.

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In 1973, Michael Moriarty was cast as the egocentric Henry Wiggen in Bang the Drum Slowly opposite Robert De Niro as a slow-witted catcher who becomes terminally ill.


In 1974, Michael Moriarty starred as rookie detective Bo Lockley in the acclaimed police drama Report to the Commissioner.


Michael Moriarty won a Tony Award in 1974 for his performance in the play Find Your Way Home.


Michael Moriarty starred as the German SS officer Erik Dorf in the television miniseries Holocaust, which earned him another Emmy.


In 1989, Michael Moriarty starred in the HBO production Tailspin: Behind the Korean Airliner Tragedy, which dramatized the Soviet Union's shoot-down of Korean Air Lines flight 007 in 1983.


Michael Moriarty portrayed US Air Force Major Hank Daniels, who was largely ignored for showing how the ill-fated airliner had strayed off course into air space known by the Soviets to be used by US Air Force electronic surveillance planes as they approached Soviet air space.


Michael Moriarty published a full-page advertisement in a Hollywood trade magazine calling upon fellow artists to stand up with him against attempts to censor TV show content.


Michael Moriarty subsequently wrote and published The Gift of Stern Angels, his account of this time in his life.


Wolf said that Michael Moriarty overreacted to any effect the law was likely to have on the show.


Michael Moriarty acted in The Last Detail, Courage Under Fire, Along Came a Spider, Shiloh, Emily of New Moon and James Dean, for which he won his third Emmy.


Michael Moriarty has regularly performed live in both New York City and Vancouver with a jazz trio and quintet.


Michael Moriarty is politically active, describing himself as a "centrist" and sometimes as a "realist".


Michael Moriarty announced his intention to run for the presidency in 2008 in an interview in the November 2005 issue of Northwest Jazz Profile, but he never formally declared his candidacy.


Michael Moriarty has been a frequent contributor of numerous political columns to the Enter Stage Right online Journal of Conservatism.


Michael Moriarty lived for a time in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he was granted Canadian citizenship, and Toronto before settling in Vancouver.


In 2006, in the blog Enter Stage Right Michael Moriarty wrote that he was a "very bad drunk" but as of 2004 had been sober for two years.