12 Facts About Michel Majerus


Michel Majerus was a Luxembourgish artist who combined painting with digital media in his work.


Michel Majerus lived and worked in Berlin until his untimely death in a plane crash in November 2002.


Michel Majerus's work was featured in a number of solo and group exhibitions in Europe and North America, most notably the "Pop Reloaded" exhibition in Los Angeles.


In 1986, Majerus began to study at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, graduating in 1992.


In 1992, together with his fellow students from Stuttgart Nader, Stephan Jung, Susa Reinhardt and Wawa Tokarski, Michel Majerus co-founded the artist group 3K-NH for which they used the initials of their nicknames to form a cryptic code name.


In 1996, Michel Majerus began his MoM Block series, comprising more than 170 canvases; MoM is an abbreviation of Modehaus Mitte, a former fashion factory in East Berlin, in which Michel Majerus had his studio for a while.


Michel Majerus did not limit himself to two-dimensional surfaces, but created dynamic, painted installations which surround the viewer.


In 2002, shortly after his return from Los Angeles, Michel Majerus installed a life-size photograph of a Brutalist social housing block directly in front of the East side of Brandenburg Gate; the other side was taken over by a work of Thomas Bayrle.


Michel Majerus was working on an exhibition entitled "Project Space" for Tate Liverpool when he died.


In 1998, Michel Majerus was invited to participate in Manifesta 2.


Michel Majerus participated in the Venice Biennale in 1999, where he covered the facade of the main Italian Pavilion with a mural he designed.


In November 2002, Michel Majerus was killed aboard Luxair Flight 9642 while travelling from Berlin to Luxembourg.