28 Facts About Mike Ditka

1. Some of Mike Ditka's comments, most notably regarding former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's national anthem protests, have garnered controversy due to Ditka's position with ESPN.

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2. Mike Ditka presented President Obama with a Chicago Bears jersey with the number 85 on it with "Obama" on the back of it.

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3. Mike Ditka is a practicing Roman Catholic and a member of the Knights of Columbus.

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4. Mike Ditka was seen wearing a Green Bay Packers sweater vest.

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5. In 2012, Mike Ditka partnered with Terlato Wines to produce his own collection of wines, produced in California.

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6. Mike Ditka was a co-owner the Chicago Rush, an Arena Football League team.

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7. Mike Ditka owns a chain of restaurants, "Mike Ditka's", which has three locations in Illinois and one in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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8. In January 2007, Mike Ditka used the Super Bowl return of the Chicago Bears as a platform to promote efforts by many early NFL players trying to raise support for former NFL players in need of money and medical assistance; he is a key member in the Gridiron Greats.

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9. Mike Ditka appeared in several ads for Montgomery Ward in the early 1990s, promoting their electronics and appliances department, known as Electric Avenue.

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10. Mike Ditka appeared as himself in the 271st and final episode of the American TV sitcom Cheers.

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11. In 1995, Mike Ditka starred as a football coach in a full-motion video game called Quarterback Attack with Mike Ditka, released for the Sega Saturn, PC, and 3DO.

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12. In March 2016, ESPN and Mike Ditka announced he would move to Sportscenter for remote-broadcasting analysis, as Ditka disliked the long trek from his home to the studio.

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13. On his radio show, Coach Mike Ditka is called "America's Coach" by well known sidekick Jim Gray.

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14. Mike Ditka scored two touchdowns on offensive fumble recoveries, tying seven other players for the most in NFL history.

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15. In 1997, Mike Ditka was hired as head coach by the New Orleans Saints.

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16. Mike Ditka spent nine seasons as an assistant coach with the Cowboys.

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17. Mike Ditka wore number 98 in his first year with the Eagles.

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18. Mike Ditka was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles in 1967 where he spent two seasons, before being shipped off to the Dallas Cowboys in 1969.

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19. Mike Ditka continued to play for the Bears for the next five years, earning a Pro Bowl trip each season.

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20. Mike Ditka scored 12 receiving touchdowns, which was the most by a Bears rookie.

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21. Mike Ditka signed with the Bears and his presence was immediately felt.

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22. Mike Ditka was enshrined in the College Football Hall of Fame in 1968.

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23. Mike Ditka was a unanimous first-team selection on the College Football All-America Team his senior year.

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24. Mike Ditka was a three-sport athlete at Pitt, playing baseball and basketball.

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25. Mike Ditka played for the University of Pittsburgh from 1958 until 1960, where he became a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.

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26. Mike Ditka was born as Michael Dyczko in the Pittsburgh-area town of Carnegie, Pennsylvania on October 18, 1939.

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27. Mike Ditka is the only person to participate in both of the last two Chicago Bears' league championships, as a player in 1963 and as head coach in 1985.

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28. Mike Ditka coached the New Orleans Saints for three years.

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