20 Facts About Mike Gascoyne


Michael Robert Gascoyne was born on 2 April 1963 and is a British Formula One designer and engineer.


Mike Gascoyne has worked for numerous Grand Prix teams including McLaren, Sauber, Tyrrell, Jordan, Renault, Toyota, and Team Lotus, which was later renamed to Caterham F1 Team.


Mike Gascoyne lived in Sprowston and went to Sprowston Junior School and before moving to Old Catton.


Mike Gascoyne went to Wymondham College from 1974 to 1981.


Mike Gascoyne was active in his college Boat Club, as a successful coxswain of Churchill's leading women's crew.


Postlethwaite's stay with the Sauber team was short, but Mike Gascoyne remained for the first season, his Sauber C13 chassis taking 12 points during 1993.


In late 1993 Postlethwaite returned to Tyrrell and invited Mike Gascoyne to become deputy technical director responsible for the design of the team's 1994 car.


Mike Gascoyne accepted and remained with the team for four years, although lack of money severely limited his ability to produce a competitive racing car.


When Ken Tyrrell announced his intention to sell to British American Tobacco, Mike Gascoyne was forced to leave in the knowledge that the renamed British American Racing was to employ Malcolm Oastler as technical director.


In June 1998 Mike Gascoyne joined Jordan Grand Prix as technical director and immediately set about designing their 1999 car.


In December 2003 Mike Gascoyne made his move to the Cologne base of Toyota and began working on the 2004 car.


Mike Gascoyne disliked the corporate way the team's management operated while team management were unimpressed by the TF106 car Mike Gascoyne had produced and he was duly dismissed.


In September 2006 Mike Gascoyne was signed by Spyker F1 as chief technology officer.


Mike Gascoyne took up his new position in November 2006.


In 2009 Mike Gascoyne was part of plans by the Litespeed F3 team to enter Formula One in 2010, under the Team Lotus name.


In February 2012 Mike Gascoyne stepped away from the daily running of the F1 side and became chief technical officer of the Caterham Group, with his daily focus on his role as CEO of Caterham Technology and Caterham Composites, using his experience in Formula 1 engineering and project management to develop competitive turn-key solutions for the automotive, marine and aviation industry.


Mike Gascoyne raced Formula 1 cars for 4 races in the BOSS GP series in 1999; the Tyrrell 022 and Tyrrell 025, both of which he designed himself during his time at Tyrrell, finishing 3rd at Brands Hatch.


Mike Gascoyne crossed the Atlantic on a Class40 racing yacht leaving Cascais on 28 November 2012 and arriving in Grenada on 14 December 2012.


Mike Gascoyne has appeared in TV shows on Sky Sports F1, commentated for BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra on the 2009 Malaysian Grand Prix and temporarily replaced Eddie Jordan on the BBC One coverage of the 2009 Chinese Grand Prix.


In 2011, Mike Gascoyne became president of the Cambridge Granta Cricket Club, being a passionate cricket fan and player himself.