28 Facts About Mike Gundy


Michael Ray Gundy was born on August 12,1967 and is an American football coach and former player.

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Mike Gundy is the head football coach at Oklahoma State University.

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Mike Gundy played college football at Oklahoma State, where he played quarterback from 1986 to 1989.

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At Midwest City High School, Mike Gundy played quarterback, and was voted Oklahoma Player of the Year in 1986.

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Mike Gundy was heavily recruited by the Oklahoma Sooners but in the end signed with the Oklahoma State University Cowboys.

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Mike Gundy became the starting quarterback midway through his freshman year.

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Mike Gundy would become the all-time leading passer in Oklahoma State and Big Eight Conference history.

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In four seasons Mike Gundy threw 49 touchdowns and 7,997 yards, including 2,106 yards in 1987 and 2,163 in 1988.

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Mike Gundy led the Cowboys to bowl wins in the 1987 Sun Bowl and 1988 Holiday Bowl aided by two Hall of Fame running backs: Thurman Thomas and Barry Sanders.

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Mike Gundy held the record for most consecutive passes attempted without an interception at the start of a career by a freshman in Division 1 history with 138, until Baylor freshman Robert Griffin III broke it in 2008.

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Mike Gundy holds a degree in secondary education with a focus in social studies and graduated in 1990.

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When Mike Gundy graduated, he joined Pat Jones' staff as an assistant coach.

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Mike Gundy was on staff with Larry Fedora at Baylor and would rekindle that relationship when he became head coach at Oklahoma State, bringing Fedora on as his offensive coordinator.

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When Miles left in 2004 to take the LSU job, Mike Gundy was named immediately as Miles' successor and the 22nd head coach at Oklahoma State.

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Mike Gundy is one of three head football coaches at Oklahoma State to have played for Oklahoma State, along with Jim Lookabaugh and Floyd Gass.

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From 2008 through 2017, Mike Gundy led the Cowboys to 96 wins, almost 10 wins per season on average.

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Mike Gundy has led the Pokes to sixteen straight bowl seasons, another Cowboy record.

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In 2008, Mike Gundy led the Oklahoma State Cowboys to their best season in 20 years.

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Mike Gundy was rewarded with a new seven-year contract worth $15.

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Mike Gundy has since led Oklahoma State to 12 wins in 2011, and 10-win seasons in 2013,2015,2016 and 2017, including an appearance in the 2016 Sugar Bowl–the third major-bowl appearance in school history.

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Mike Gundy has had a hand in eight of Oklahoma State's nine 10-win seasons–two as a player, six as head coach.

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In October 2020, Mike Gundy signed a new “perpetual” or rolling 5-year contract.

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Mike Gundy has been associated with the series 31 times as a player or a coach.

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On September 22,2007, Mike Gundy made comments that became the subject of a nationwide media controversy and generated a viral video.

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In June of 2020, highly prospected star running back Chuba Hubbard threatened to boycott Oklahoma State after Mike Gundy was photographed wearing a t-shirt of One America News, which Mike Gundy has supported in previous statements.

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Mike Gundy subsequently issued an apology, saying he was "disgusted" by OAN's attitude towards the Black Lives Matter movement.

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In light of the controversy, Mike Gundy suggested taking a $1M pay cut and agreed to other concessions concluding the incident.

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Mike Gundy's brother, Cale Gundy, was a starting quarterback at Oklahoma in the 1990s and was OU's Assistant Head Coach, Director of Recruiting and Inside Receivers Coach.

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