6 Facts About Mike Mularkey

1. On January 11, 2012, Mike Mularkey accepted the head coaching job for the Jacksonville Jaguars, making him the third full-time head coach in franchise history.

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2. On January 22, 2006, Mike Mularkey was hired to be the Miami Dolphins' offensive coordinator.

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3. On January 12, 2006, Mike Mularkey resigned as head coach of the Bills, citing a disagreement in the direction of the organization, who had recently hired new management, including ex-coach Marv Levy.

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4. In 2004, Mike Mularkey left the Steelers and was hired by the Buffalo Bills to succeed Gregg Williams as the team's head coach.

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5. In his nine NFL seasons, Mike Mularkey played in 114 regular season games, started 46 of them, and caught 102 passes for 1,222 yards and 9 touchdowns.

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6. In 1983, Mike Mularkey was a ninth-round draft pick for the San Francisco 49ers, but was released before appearing in a game.

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