20 Facts About Mildred Burke


Mildred Burke was an American professional wrestler.

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Mildred Burke is overall a three-time women's world champion under different incarnations and recognitions.

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Mildred Burke was managed by her second husband, promoter Billy Wolfe.

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Mildred Burke is a charter member of WWE Hall of Fame's Legacy Wing, Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame.

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Mildred Burke lived there for three years, before leaving for Kansas City after agreeing to marry her boyfriend.

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Mildred Burke took her to a professional wrestling event, which sparked her interest in the sport.

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Mildred Burke worked as a stenographer prior to her wrestling career.

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At first, Wolfe did not want to train Mildred Burke and instructed a male wrestler to body slam her, so she would stop asking Wolfe to train her.

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Mildred Burke performed a body slam on the man instead, which resulted in Wolfe agreeing to train her.

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Mildred Burke found herself frozen out of professional wrestling among all National Wrestling Alliance channels.

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Mildred Burke volunteered to sell to Wolfe for Mildred Burke's Attractions, Inc went into bankruptcy and into the hands of receiver James Hoff of Columbus.

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Mildred Burke consulted with Leroy McGuirk and hoped that she would be vindicated by the NWA at their September 1953 meeting in Chicago.

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Mildred Burke faced many obstacles, as women were banned from yearly NWA conferences, and this diminished the importance of women in professional wrestling.

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Mildred Burke sat in the lobby of the Blackstone Hotel in Chicago as male dignitaries argued behind closed doors about her future.

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Mildred Burke claimed that there were twelve grapplers with whom she would work.

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Mildred Burke later admitted that she had given up the legitimate first fall with the intention of competing stronger in the second.

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Mildred Burke vacated the title in 1956, when she retired from professional wrestling.

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Mildred Burke started International Women's Wrestlers Inc with Bill Newman and the promotion had offices in New York City, San Francisco and Sydney, Australia.

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Mildred Burke introduced women's wrestling to several countries, including almost every state of the United States, Canada, Cuba, Mexico and some parts of the Orient: Japan, Hong Kong, Macao and the Philippines.

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Mildred Burke died from a stroke on February 18,1989 in Northridge, California, and was buried at the Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills Cemetery in Los Angeles.

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