16 Facts About Mira Nair


Mira Nair was born on 15 October 1957 and is an Indian-American filmmaker based in New York City.


Mira Nair was born on 15 October 1957 in Rourkela, Orissa, India, and grew up with her two older brothers and parents in Bhubaneswar.


Mira Nair's father, Amrit Lal Nair, was an officer of the Indian Administrative Service and her mother, Parveen Nayyar, is a social worker who often focused on children.


Mira Nair lived in Bhubaneswar until age 18, and attended a convent, following which she left to attend Loreto Convent, Tara Hall, Shimla, an Irish-Catholic missionary school, where she developed an infatuation with English literature.


Mira Nair commented on film-making in a 2004 interview with FF2 Media's Jan Huttner:.


Mira Nair said to Image Journal in 2017 that she chose directing over any other art form because it was collaborative.


At the start of her film-making career, Mira Nair primarily made documentaries in which she explored Indian cultural tradition.


Mira Nair and Taraporevala continued to challenge audiences with the 1991 film Mississippi Masala, which told the story of Ugandan-born Indians displaced in Mississippi.


Mira Nair went on to direct four more films before she produced one of her most notable films, Monsoon Wedding.


Mira Nair then directed the Golden Globe winning Hysterical Blindness, followed by making William Makepeace Thackeray's epic Vanity Fair.


In 2007, Mira Nair was asked to direct Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but turned it down to work on The Namesake.


In 2012, Mira Nair directed The Reluctant Fundamentalist, a thriller based on the best-selling novel by Mohsin Hamid.


In 1977, Mira Nair met her first husband, Mitch Epstein, when taking photography classes at Harvard University.


Mira Nair has been an enthusiastic yoga practitioner for decades; when making a film, she has the cast and crew start the day with a yoga session.


In July 2013, Mira Nair declined an invitation to the Haifa International Film Festival as a "guest of honor" to protest Israel's policies toward Palestine.


Mira Nair was awarded the India Abroad Person of the Year-2007.