53 Facts About Mo Farah

1. Mo Farah was named a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2012.

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2. In 2011 Mo Farah moved to Portland, Oregon, to train under American coach Alberto Salazar.

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3. Mo Farah began training under coach Alan Storey in 2001 and won the European junior 5,000-metre title that year.

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4. Mo Farah arrived with no knowledge of English but with a love for association football, which he expected to pursue.

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5. Mo Farah battled it out in the final lap after Paul Kipngetich Tanui took the lead with 300 metres remaining.

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6. Mo Farah went on to win gold with the time of 27:05.17.

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7. Mo Farah was born on 23 March 1983 in Mogadishu, Somalia.

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8. Mo Farah is a Britsh athlete who was the second man in history to win long-distance doubles at successive Olympics and World Championships, and the first in history to do the triple-double.

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9. In December 2013, Mo Farah signed a marketing deal with Quorn, part of a multimillion-pound campaign aimed at doubling the firm's sales.

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10. Mo Farah is additionally involved in various philanthropic initiatives, launching the Mo Farah Foundation after a trip to Somalia in 2011.

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11. Mo Farah has indicated a desire to become a fitness coach at the Emirates Stadium in Holloway once he retires so as to improve its conditioning record.

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12. Mo Farah is a Muslim, and is an active supporter of the Muslim Writers Awards.

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13. Mo Farah has a twin brother, Hassan, who lives in Somalia.

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14. Mo Farah often marks victories with a celebration dance known as the "Mobot".

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15. At the Chicago Marathon Mo Farah claimed his first win over the marathon distance and in the process set a new European record of 2 hours 5 minutes and 11 seconds to beat the previous record by 37 seconds.

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16. On 9 September 2018 Mo Farah won the Great North Run for a record-extending 5th consecutive time.

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17. In preparation for the London Marathon, Mo Farah won the inaugural London Big Half Marathon, his first race in 6 months.

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18. Mo Farah finished in 1:00:06, 6 seconds ahead of Jake Robertson.

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19. On 10 September 2017, Mo Farah won the Great North Run for a record fourth consecutive time.

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20. Mo Farah won his final two track events, in the Diamond league, in Birmingham and Zurich.

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21. Mo Farah won the 10,000m event, and came 2nd in the 5,000m event after Ethiopia's Muktar Edris.

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22. Mo Farah announced that he would switch from track events to the marathon after the 2017 World Championships in Athletics.

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23. In July 2016 Mo Farah set the concurrent world-leading time in the 5000m in winning the Diamond League in London.

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24. On 26 March, Mo Farah received a bronze medal in the 2016 IAAF World Half Marathon Championships in Cardiff, finishing in 59:59, less than one second ahead of Abayneh Ayele.

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25. Mo Farah repeated his long-distance gold medal double at the 2015 World Championships in Athletics.

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26. On 22 March 2015, Mo Farah broke the European record for half marathon in Lisbon.

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27. On 21 February 2015, Mo Farah broke the indoor two-mile world record at the Birmingham Indoor Grand Prix.

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28. On 7 September 2014, Mo Farah competed in the Great North Run, a British half marathon.

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29. Mo Farah was due to compete at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

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30. Mo Farah finished in eighth place in a time of 2:08.21.

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31. Mo Farah described running the event as a longstanding ambition of his, particularly to do so in London.

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32. Mo Farah began 2014 preparing for the year's London Marathon, his first such run.

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33. Mo Farah was a finalist for the 2013 IAAF World Athlete of the year award.

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34. In December 2013, Mo Farah was the second favourite, behind Wimbledon tennis champion Andy Murray, to become the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

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35. Mo Farah was the first British athlete to win two individual gold medals at a World Championships.

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36. On 16 August 2013, Mo Farah won the 5,000 m event, in the process becoming double world and Olympic champion.

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37. On 10 August 2013, Mo Farah stayed in front of Ibrahim Jeilan to win the 10,000 m event at the World Championships in Moscow.

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38. Mo Farah dedicated the two golds to his twin daughters.

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39. In December 2010, Mo Farah was named track-and-field athlete of the year by the British Olympic Association.

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40. Mo Farah won by a margin of over forty seconds ahead of second placed Abdellatif Meftah.

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41. Mo Farah was prescribed supplements for the condition and his high altitude training plans in Kenya were unaffected.

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42. Mo Farah was overtaken by Bezabeh in the latter stages of the race, leaving the Briton with a second consecutive silver medal at the competition.

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43. Mo Farah was one of the favourites to upset Serhiy Lebid's dominance at the 2009 European Cross Country Championships.

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44. Mo Farah competed at the 2009 World Championships in Athletics: he was in the leading pack early on in the 5000 metres race and eventually finished seventh—the best by a European runner.

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45. Mo Farah attributed his good form to a spell of winter training at altitude in Ethiopia and Kenya.

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46. Mo Farah represented the UK at 5000 m in the 2007 World Championships in Osaka, Japan.

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47. In 2005, Mo Farah moved in with Australian Craig Mottram and a group of Kenyan runners that included 10,000 m world number one Micah Kogo.

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48. That year, Mo Farah became one of the first two athletes in the newly formed Endurance Performance Centre at St Mary's.

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49. Mo Farah represented Hounslow at cross-country in the London Youth Games.

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50. Mo Farah moved to Britain at the age of eight to join his father, speaking barely a word of English.

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51. Mo Farah won the 2018 Chicago Marathon in a time of 2:05:11.

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52. Mo Farah was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2013 and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in the 2017 New Year Honours for services to athletics.

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53. Mo Farah has won the European Athlete of the Year award and the British Athletics Writers Association British Athlete of the Year award more than any other athlete, three times and six times respectively.

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