51 Facts About Mohamed Salah

1. Mohamed Salah added, "Anywhere I go here in Switzerland people applaud, while my native fans criticize me.

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2. Mohamed Salah is one of the best and rising football player of current time.

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3. Mohamed Salah has prospered in his career since he was young.

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4. Mohamed Salah has a chance to prosper even more in the football industry.

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5. Mohamed Salah began his professional career in 2008, when he made his debut for Cairo-based side El Mokawloon at the age of 17.

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6. At the young age of 14, Mohamed Salah joined the Arab Contractors club in Cairo.

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7. Mohamed Salah was Nicknamed the 'Egyptian Messi' by his passionate fans who saw him as the standout player from his country.

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8. At the time of the post, Mohamed Salah is currently building a hospital and a school in his hometown Nagrig.

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9. Mohamed Salah added, "Anywhere I go here in Switzerland people applaud, while my native fans criticize me.

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10. Mohamed Salah got married on 17th December 2013 to Magi.

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11. Mohamed Salah started his professional career with El Mokawloon in 2010, where he played during his youth.

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12. Mohamed Salah was a failure in education but at soccer, he became a total success.

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13. Mohamed Salah married his wife, Maggi in 2013 and the couple have a daughter named Makka born on June 2017, in Westminster Hospital south west of London.

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14. Mohamed Salah is 1.75 m tall and plays as a forward midfielder.

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15. Mohamed Salah became the first Egyptian to be signed by Chelsea on January 23, 2014, on a fee reported to be around £11 million.

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16. Mohamed Salah must wait until Monday night for Liverpool to face inconsistent West Ham at the London Stadium.

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17. Mohamed Salah appeared in an Adidas 2018 World Cup commercial along with other players in the Adidas stable, including David Beckham, Lionel Messi and Paul Pogba, and singer Pharrell Williams.

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18. Mohamed Salah was assigned the number 11 shirt previously worn by Roberto Firmino who instead switched to number 9.

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19. Mohamed Salah signed a long-term contract with the Reds for an initial €42m fee that could rise to €50m.

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20. Mohamed Salah was spared of military service after the meeting with the then Egyptian prime minister Ibrahim Mahlab, the Minister of Higher Education and the Egyptian national manager Shawky Gharib.

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21. Mohamed Salah scored twice against the Bulgarian league champions PFC Ludogorets Razgrad on 21 August 2013 in the play-off round.

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22. Mohamed Salah became the first player to win three Premier League Player of the Month awards in the same season.

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23. Mohamed Salah started his senior career with Cairo club El Mokawloon in the Egyptian Premier League in 2010, departing shortly thereafter to join Basel for an undisclosed fee.

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24. Mohamed Salah scores last-gasp winner against Tunisia in African Cup of Nations Qualifying.

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25. Mohamed Salah dropped a fresh hint about his international unhappiness with cryptic social media post?.

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26. Mohamed Salah put Liverpool ahead in the 41st minute, mere seconds after.

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27. Mohamed Salah matches Ronaldo after bizarre statue of Liverpool star unveiled in Egyp.

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28. Mohamed Salah is adored by Liverpool supporters far and wide and is somewhat immortal in Egypt.

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29. Mohamed Salah sends personal message to sculptor who created his viral statue.

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30. Mohamed Salah is the subject of a rather unfortunate bronze statue.

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31. On the field, the rise of Mohamed Salah has helped Egypt pick themselves up from the doldrums they plunged into after Aboutrika's exit from the international arena.

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32. Mohamed Salah is one of the best players in world soccer and helped push Liverpool into a place in last season's UEFA Champions League final, a year he.

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33. Mohamed Salah was given the nickname "Egyptian King" by Liverpool supporters, arising from a chant set to the tune of "Sit Down" by English band James.

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34. Mohamed Salah is nicknamed "The Pharaoh" by the press and his fans.

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35. Mohamed Salah is devout to a degree that many other well-known Muslims sports figures are not, and his charm and apolitical persona have made him a popular figure in the UK.

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36. At the time of the incident, Mohamed Salah was sponsored by WE's telecommunications rivals, Vodafone.

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37. In March 2018, Mohamed Salah appeared in advertisement for Vodafone Egypt, being filmed visiting several Merseyside landmarks, with the video originally being released in Arabic but was translated to English.

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38. Mohamed Salah has a sponsorship deal with sportswear and equipment supplier Adidas: he wears Adidas X18 football boots.

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39. Mohamed Salah was a member of the Pharaohs' squad for the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations held in Gabon.

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40. Mohamed Salah was selected for the youth squad to play at the 2012 Summer Olympics scoring in all three of the team's group games.

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41. On 30 August 2018, Mohamed Salah was named on the three-man shortlist for the UEFA Men's Player of the Year, coming in third place, and was included on the three-man shortlist for the UEFA Forward of the Season, coming in second place.

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42. On 2 July 2018, Mohamed Salah signed a new long-term contract with Liverpool.

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43. On 22 June 2017, Mohamed Salah agreed a transfer to Liverpool.

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44. Mohamed Salah changed squad numbers from 15 to 17 for the start of the season, with his new number having been vacated by Eden Hazard changing to number 10.

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45. Mohamed Salah was on pressure from several Egyptian voices demanding from him not to travel to Israel and then criticizing his visit.

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46. Mohamed Salah scored on his first league appearance against Aarau on 13 July 2013.

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47. On 10 April 2012, it was announced that Mohamed Salah had signed for Basel on a four-year contract starting from 15 June 2012.

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48. Mohamed Salah started his senior career with hometown club El Mokawloon in the Egyptian Premier League in 2010, departing shortly thereafter to join Basel for an undisclosed fee.

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49. Mohamed Salah was born in Nagrig, Egypt in June 1992.

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50. Mohamed Salah waited years to make "the right move" to Liverpool.

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51. Mohamed Salah was seen training with a protective cast on his forearm this week.

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