7 Facts About Monday Night Football

1. Monday Night Football has been carried on national radio networks over the years.

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2. Monday Night Football began using a score bug in 1997, the second network to do so after Fox introduced the first regular on-screen scoring bug when it began airing NFL games in 1994.

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3. Prior to 1997, Monday Night Football had a limited graphics package.

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4. The success of Monday Night Football has always been about the games and that will continue.

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5. Monday Night Football was the first national broadcast to announce his death.

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6. Monday Night Football has continued to provide as much entertainment as sports throughout its run.

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7. Monday Night Football was, along with Hallmark Hall of Fame and the Walt Disney anthology television series, one of the longest-running prime time programs ever on commercial network television, and one of the highest-rated, particularly among male viewers.

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