30 Facts About Monica Seles

1. Monica Seles is a retired World No 1 professional tennis player.

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2. Monica Seles failed to return to tennis for more than a couple of years.

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3. In 1990, Monica Seles became the youngest-ever French Open winner, in the age of 16.

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4. Monica Seles is a retired Yugoslav-born, naturalized American and Hungarian professional tennis player, who last represented the United States and is a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

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5. At the age of 19, Monica Seles was stabbed in the back by a crazed Steffi Graf fan during a tournament in Hamburg, Germany.

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6. Monica Seles was born in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, on December 2, 1973.

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7. Monica Seles "is playing her best tennis in recent memory", says Jon Wertheim in Sports Illustrated.

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8. Monica Seles took the Australian Open in 1991, once more making her mark as the youngest victor at a tournament.

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9. Monica Seles had become the youngest player to capture a Grand Slam final.

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10. Monica Seles picked up her first Grand Slam victory at the French Open, facing Graf yet again at Rolland Garros, but this time defeating her in two sets.

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11. Monica Seles is a good one, though I wish you had given your reasoning.

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12. In 1996, Monica Seles made a guest appearance in the TV sitcom The Nanny.

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13. Monica Seles is married to businessman Tom Golisano, who is 32 years her senior.

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14. In 2011, Monica Seles was named one of the "30 Legends of Women's Tennis: Past, Present and Future" by Time.

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15. Monica Seles won eight Grand Slam titles during her teenage years.

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16. Monica Seles is widely regarded as one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

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17. In February 2005, Monica Seles played two exhibition matches in New Zealand against Navratilova.

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18. Monica Seles competed at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, where she beat Sabatini in a third round match before losing to Jana Novotna in the quarterfinals.

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19. Monica Seles was the runner-up at the US Open to Steffi Graf again in 1996.

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20. Monica Seles came back from 2 points from defeat to triumph and reach the final.

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21. In January 1996, Monica Seles won her fourth Australian Open, beating Anke Huber in the final.

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22. Monica Seles won her first comeback tournament, the Canadian Open, beating Amanda Coetzer in the final and setting a tournament record for the fewest number of games dropped by the champion throughout the tournament.

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23. Monica Seles vowed never to play tennis in Germany again, disenchanted by the German legal system.

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24. In January 1993, Monica Seles defeated Graf in the final of the Australian Open, which to date was her third win in four Grand Slam finals against Graf.

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25. Monica Seles was the top ranked women's player heading into 1993, having won the French Open for three consecutive years and both the US Open and Australian Open in consecutive years.

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26. Monica Seles played her first professional tournament as an amateur in 1988 at age 14.

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27. Monica Seles is responsible for developing her two-handed style for both the forehand and backhand.

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28. Monica Seles was born in Yugoslavia into an ethnic Hungarian family.

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29. In 1990, Monica Seles became the youngest ever French Open champion at the age of 16.

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30. Monica Seles is a retired professional tennis player, who represented Yugoslavia and the United States and is a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

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