15 Facts About Nagoya University


Nagoya University, abbreviated to Meidai or NU, is a Japanese national research university located in Chikusa-ku, Nagoya.

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Nagoya University is the birthplace of the Sakata School of physics and the Hirata School of chemistry.

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In March 2012, Nagoya University played host to the International Symposium on Innovative Nanobiodevices.

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In March 2018, Nagoya University was selected as one of first five Designated National University.

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Nagoya University is one of the most prestigious universities in Japan.

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Nagoya University is ranked 118th globally by the 2022 QS World University Rankings, and 28th by the 2022 QS Asian University rankings.

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Furthermore, Nagoya University had the 5th highest number of patents accepted in 2019 among Japanese universities.

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Weekly Diamond reported that Nagoya University has the 6th highest research standard in Japan in research funding per researchers in COE Program.

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Nagoya University is one of the most selective universities in Japan.

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Students can study for 1 or 2 semesters in partner universities with which Nagoya University has an inter-university agreement, which includes 161 universities.

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Nagoya University has many libraries, which were built to provide necessary academic information in education and research at the university.

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NU Co-op belongs to the National Federation of Nagoya University Co-operative Associations, which is an organization that helps students and teaching staff experience a better campus life by supporting "study, research, and daily life at the university".

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Nagoya University has several international student groups and associations established to help promote the well-being of international students and sustaining their proactive interaction with the Japanese student community.

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Nagoya University International Student Group is a student-run organisation representing Nagoya University's international G30 Program and was established in 2011.

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COFSA makes sure to keep Nagoya University students engaged via accessible social media platforms such as Instagram.

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