10 Facts About Naoko Yamazaki

1. Naoko Yamazaki's was the second Japanese woman to fly in space.

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2. Naoko Yamazaki's spent two years of her childhood in Sapporo.

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3. Naoko Yamazaki joined the National Space Development Agency of Japan in 1996 and was part of the development team for the system integration of the Japanese Experiment Module (JEM).

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4. Naoko Yamazaki was selected as an astronaut candidate in February 1999 by the National Space Development Agency of Japan, attended the ISS Astronaut Basic Training program beginning in April 1999, and was certified as an astronaut in September 2001.

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5. In May 2004, Naoko Yamazaki completed Soyuz-TMA Flight Engineer training at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Center in Star City, Russia.

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6. In June 2004, Naoko Yamazaki arrived at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas to begin Astronaut Candidate Training school, where she was assigned to the Astronaut Office Robotics Branch.

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7. In July 2018, Naoko Yamazaki co-founded the Space Port Japan Association, which is an organization to support efforts to open spaceports in Japan through collaboration with companies, groups and government institutions.

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8. Naoko Yamazaki's is an adviser to the Young Astronaut Club, and Chairman of the Women in Aerospace program of the Japan Rocket Society.

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9. Naoko Yamazaki's enjoys scuba diving, snow skiing, flying and music.

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10. In 2007, Naoko Yamazaki provided the voice as herself in episode 7 of the anime Rocket Girls.

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