26 Facts About Nate Ruess


Nate Ruess was born on February 26,1982 and is an American singer and songwriter.


Nate Ruess is best known as the founder and lead singer of the indie pop band Fun, and of The Format.


Nate Ruess's uncle, John Ruess, was a performer on Broadway and served as an influence for Ruess's musical ventures.


In 1986, his family moved to a farm in Glendale, Arizona, due to repeated bouts of pneumonia Nate Ruess faced as a child.


Nate Ruess remained in Arizona throughout his childhood and attended Deer Valley High School, graduating in 2000.


Nate Ruess took a job in a law firm as a way to support himself while he pursued his musical ambitions.


On February 4,2008, Nate Ruess announced through the band's blog that the Format would not be making another album.


Immediately after the split of the Format, Nate Ruess contacted Jack Antonoff of Steel Train and Andrew Dost, formerly of Anathallo, to form a new band called fun.


Alongside Fun, Nate Ruess had been a supporting vocalist for many different songs across genres.


Nate Ruess decided the song needed another side to it and subsequently a male part was written.


Many of Nate Ruess' lyrics were borrowed from a previously unreleased track, "Jumping the Shark", written during the Aim and Ignite sessions.


Currently Nate Ruess is working on his first solo album, Andrew is scoring films, and Jack is on tour and working on Bleachers music.


Nate Ruess then contributed guest vocals to the frequent collaborator Emile Haynie's 2015 release, We Fall.


Nate Ruess' then released his first single from his debut album, titled Nothing Without Love, which was sent to the alternative radio on February 23,2015.


On May 31,2015, Nate Ruess made his live debut as a solo artist with his newly formed backup band called the Band Romantic.


On June 1,2015, Nate Ruess released a new track from his solo album "Grand Romantic", titled "What This World Is Coming To".


On January 1,2016, Nate Ruess played during the 1st period intermission at the NHL Winter Classic in Foxboro, Massachusetts.


In 2018, Ruess was credited as a composer and lyricist for Keith Urban on his release Graffiti U He helped write Urban's track "Way Too Long".


Additionally, Nate Ruess has been working as a songwriter and producer.


In 2020, Nate Ruess had songwriting credits on Halsey's Manic and Kesha's High Road.


Hayley Williams from Paramore believes that Nate Ruess secretly used a moniker Benjamin Eli Hanna to co-write the song "Stay the Night".


In 2021, Nate Ruess launched ClayneCast, a podcast about the Lethal Weapon TV series, with his accomplice Drew of the podcast Globe Hell Warning, and his friend, ChapoFYM co-host Tom.


From 2009 to 2013, Nate Ruess dated fashion designer Rachel Antonoff, the sister of Fun guitarist Jack Antonoff.


Rachel and Nate Ruess both provided backing vocals for the song "Dakota" from the 2007 album Trampoline by Jack's band Steel Train.


Rachel and Nate Ruess collaborated on The Ally Coalition, an activist project to raise awareness of LGBTQ issues.


Nate Ruess began dating English fashion designer Charlotte Ronson in March 2014.