40 Facts About Nathan Peterman

1. Nathan Peterman started his college career at Tennessee before transferring to Pitt.

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2. Nathan Peterman went from starting against the Bears to the bench to the street in a span of nine days.

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3. Nathan Peterman is statistically the worst quarterback to play in the NFL post-merger.

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4. Nathan Peterman was a 5th-round pick by the team in last year's draft.

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5. Nathan Peterman was selected by the Bills with the 171st pick of the 2017 NFL Draft.

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6. Nathan Peterman completed 52.3 percent of his passes for 548 yards, three TDs, 12 INTs.

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7. Nathan Peterman started four games over his two seasons with the team.

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8. Nathan Peterman was absolutely awful during his NFL tenure from 2017 up until now where he spent both seasons with the Bills.

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9. Nathan Peterman kept his job far longer than anyone expected.

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10. Nathan Peterman has struggled as Buffalo's signal-caller, and the Bills went with Matt Barkley over him as the starting QB on Sunday against the Jets.

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11. Nathan Peterman is set to dress as the backup quarterback Sunday against the Jets will the Bills naming Matt Barkley their Week 10 starter.

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12. Nathan Peterman is definitely a bad NFL quarterback, although I will say that I have read or heard multiple times that he's apparently great in practice, so that perhaps explains Buffalo's otherwise baffling faith in the interception machine.

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13. On Sunday, Nathan Peterman gets a chance to do the same.

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14. Nathan Peterman gets another chance to prove he's not fit to play quarterback.

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15. Nathan Peterman had the best game of his career last Sunday against the Bears.

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16. Nathan Peterman throws another pick-6 as Bills offence continues to reach new lows.

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17. Nathan Peterman was expected to be the starter after Anderson suffered a concussion late in Monday's loss to the Patriots.

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18. Nathan Peterman made his fourth career start and eighth appearance overall.

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19. Nathan Peterman completed career-high 31 passes last week, but had three interceptions and has 12 INTs in first 130 passes.

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20. Buffalo Bills quarterback Nathan Peterman has been historically bad since the team selected him in the fifth round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

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21. Nathan Peterman might not be the answer at quarterback for the Bills.

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22. Nathan Peterman is the worst quarterback in modern NFL history among those with as many pass attempts as he has.

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23. Nathan Peterman started Sunday against the Chicago Bears in place of the injured Derek.

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24. Nathan Peterman got the start for the Bills against the Chicago Bears on Sunday and continued struggling.

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25. Nathan Peterman expected to start for Bills Week 9 versus Bears in place of Derek Anderson.

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26. Nathan Peterman is on track to start Sunday's game against the Bears after teammate Derek Anderson was downgraded to out for the contest.

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27. Nathan Peterman throws 3 more interceptions, including a pick six, against Bears.

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28. On Sunday, Nathan Peterman got his first start since Week 1 and it went horribly.

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29. Nathan Peterman came into the game with 9 interceptions on 81 career pass attempts.

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30. Buffalo Bills backup quarterback Nathan Peterman got the start in Week 9 and threw 2 interceptions, with one of them being returned for a touchdown.

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31. Nathan Peterman throws another pick-6 as Bills offense continues to reach new lows.

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32. Nathan Peterman will start his second game of the season Sunday when the Buffalo Bills welcome the Chicago Bears to New Era Field.

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33. Nathan Peterman will be under center for the Bills on Sunday when Buffalo hosts the Bears.

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34. Nathan Peterman needed just nine plays to help manufacture 14 points—for his opponents.

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35. Nathan Peterman competed with rookie Josh Allen and free-agent signing AJ McCarron for the starting quarterback position.

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36. On November 15, 2017, Nathan Peterman was named the Bills' starting quarterback for the team's Week 11 game against the Los Angeles Chargers after struggles from Taylor.

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37. Nathan Peterman played for Chicago Bears head coach John Fox's North team during the game.

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38. Nathan Peterman returned as a starter his senior year in Pittsburgh.

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39. Nathan Peterman made one last appearance as a member of the Volunteers against Kentucky.

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40. Nathan Peterman was rated as a four-star recruit and committed to the University of Tennessee to play college football under head coach Derek Dooley.

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