6 Facts About National Convention

1. The National Convention wanted to define rights and simultaneously reject both the privilege of the old order and social leveling.

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2. The National Convention proclaimed that the rebels were henceforth outlaws; Barras was given the task of mustering an armed force, and the moderate sections gave this their support.

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3. The National Convention eventually allowed for 6 representative members for the colony.

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4. The National Convention voted 10 million for relief, on 3 Ventose, Barere presented a new general Maximum, and on the 8th Saint-Just obtained a decree confiscating the property of suspects and distributing it to the needy.

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5. When the National Convention met the military situation was undergoing an extraordinary transformation that seemed to confirm the Girondin prophecies of easy victory.

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6. The National Convention was, therefore, the first French assembly elected by a suffrage without distinctions of class.

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