22 Facts About NBC Sports

1. NBC Sports refusing to acknowledge that McGuire clearly treated Coyne Schofield as if she wasn't an Olympic gold medalist that has more experience playing professionally than McGuire will ever have conveys the message that this narrative toward women in sports is acceptable.

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2. NBC Sports has weekend streams for Saturday and Sunday afternoon coverage.

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3. NBC Sports airs coverage on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, to the tournament's finish before CBS, which normally airs the tournament, has the Super Bowl.

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4. NBC Sports is well aware of this and has hired her to be an analyst for the Wednesday Night Hockey game between Tampa Bay Lightning and Pittsburgh Penguins.

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5. NBC Sports is using fiber for its primary transmission, with satellite serving as backup.

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6. NBC Sports has its own aerial shots via a helicopter above the arena and is borrowing net-cam feeds from TVA.

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7. NBC Sports acquired the broadcast rights to the Olympics through 2008.

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8. NBC Sports received 33 primetime awards, more than the other two networks combined.

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9. NBC Sports had used chimes as a switching cue from its beginnings as a radio network.

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10. NBC Sports made it possible for a national audience to share in a single experience, be it a presidential address or a baseball game.

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11. NBC Sports owns the rights to the Olympics through the 2020 Summer Games, at which point NBCUniversal will have presented 11 consecutive and 17 total Olympic Games, the most for a US media company in both categories.

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12. NBC Sports has earned more Emmy Awards than any network in television history.

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13. NBC Sports is using fiber for its primary transmission while satellite serves as backup.

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14. NBC Sports has its own aerial shots via a helicopter above the arena while they are borrowing net cam feeds from TVA.

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15. In July 2013, NBC Sports reached a 10-year deal to restore NASCAR coverage to its properties for the first time since 2006.

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16. NBC Sports would continue broadcasting baseball, albeit on a reduced basis.

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17. In 1991, NBC Sports obtained the rights to Notre Dame home games in a $38 million deal, the first time an individual college football team had its own broadcast agreement.

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18. NBC Sports would televise boxing, usually on Friday nights, until it cancelled the program in 1960.

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19. In 2001, NBC Sports obtained the broadcast rights to horse racing's Triple Crown in a five-year deal.

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20. In 2003, NBC Sports obtained the broadcast rights and a minority interest in the Arena Football League.

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21. On March 7, 2016, NBC Sports acquired rights to Premiership Rugby—the top division of English rugby union—initially under a three-year deal.

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22. NBC Sports is the programming division of the American broadcast network NBC, owned by the NBCUniversal Television Group division of NBCUniversal, that is responsible for sports broadcasts on the network, and its dedicated national sports cable channels.

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