27 Facts About Ned Lamont

1. Ned Lamont has contributed $12.1 million into his gubernatorial race this cycle, nearly matching the what Republican Tom Foley gave his own campaign during his unsuccessful 2010 gubernatorial bid.

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2. Ned Lamont made another bid for office in 2010, challenging then-Stamford Mayor Dannel Malloy in the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

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3. Ned Lamont put $17 million of his own money into his campaign in that race, The Connecticut Mirror reported.

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4. In 2006, Ned Lamont successfully defeated incumbent Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman in the primaries before losing the general election after Lieberman mounted a third-party bid.

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5. Ned Lamont came from a well-to-do family, The New York Times reported in an extensive profile.

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6. Ned Lamont serves on the board of HCA Holdings and The Advisory Council for the Financial Solutions Lab, which works with JP Morgan Chase to create platforms that support data-driven solutions to promote financial health.

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7. Ned Lamont is just one of the rich guys vying to be the next governor of Connecticut.

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8. Ned Lamont was born in Washington to Ted Ned Lamont, who worked for the Department of Housing and Urban Development under President Richard Nixon, according to a 2006 profile of Lamont in The New York Times.

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9. Ned Lamont previously unsuccessfully ran for the US Senate in 2006, defeating incumbent Senator Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary before losing to him in the general after Lieberman formed his own third party.

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10. Ned Lamont recently served on Ned Lamont's tradition advisory panel looking at women's issues.

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11. On September 10, 1983, Ned Lamont married venture capitalist Ann Huntress.

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12. Ned Lamont will be sworn in as the 89th Governor of Connecticut on January 9, 2019, succeeding Governor Dan Malloy.

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13. Ned Lamont faced Republican Bob Stefanowski and independent Oz Griebel in the general election on November 6, 2018.

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14. Ned Lamont officially announced his candidacy on January 17, 2018.

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15. In November 2017, Ned Lamont began "thinking seriously" about seeking the governorship again in 2018 to succeed Malloy, who had announced earlier that year that he would not seek a third term.

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16. On February 16, 2010, Ned Lamont officially announced his candidacy for the 2010 gubernatorial election.

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17. In March 2008, Ned Lamont was elected as a Congressional district-level delegate from Connecticut to the 2008 Democratic National Convention, pledged to Barack Obama.

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18. Ned Lamont was credited with attracting the types of voters he brought to Obama's successful campaign in the Connecticut Democratic primary.

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19. Ned Lamont was one of the key supporters in Connecticut for the Chris Dodd presidential campaign.

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20. Ned Lamont criticized Lieberman for supporting federal intervention in the Terri Schiavo case.

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21. Ned Lamont focused on Lieberman's supportive relationship with Republicans, telling him "if you won't challenge President Bush and his failed agenda, I will.

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22. On March 13, 2006, Ned Lamont officially announced his campaign for the United States Senate against incumbent Joe Lieberman.

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23. Ned Lamont was first elected in 1987 as a selectman in the town of Greenwich, Connecticut, where he served for one term.

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24. Ned Lamont has served on the advisory boards of the Yale School of Management and the Brookings Institution.

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25. Ned Lamont is the chair of Lamont Digital Systems, a telecommunications firm that invests in new media startups.

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26. In 1977, Ned Lamont was editor for The Black River Tribune, a small weekly newspaper in Ludlow, Vermont.

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27. Ned Lamont won the 2018 gubernatorial election, defeating Republican Bob Stefanowski and independent Oz Griebel.

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