6 Facts About Nelly

1. In 2006, Nelly started hosting a "White and Black Ball" in his hometown of St Louis as a fundraiser to collect funds for scholarships.

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2. In 2015, Nelly teamed up with Mike and Ike candy after a halt in collaborating a year earlier.

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3. In September 2010, Nelly released a fitness DVD entitled Celebrity Sweat, walking viewers through various exercises and weight training techniques.

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4. In December 2011, Nelly released his first ever official solo mixtape, entitled OE.

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5. On November 13, 2010, Nelly appeared on the Pacquiao vs Margarito pay-per-view, at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

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6. On September 14, 2004, Nelly released two albums, Sweat and Suit.

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