25 Facts About New Jack


New Jack earned his name working for Jim Cornette in Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

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At CyberSlam Gangstas were scheduled to compete in a match against The Headhunters but New Jack was imprisoned in Atlanta and Mustafa was attacked by The Headhunters.

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New Jack was involved in the Mass Transit Incident on November 23,1996, in Revere, Massachusetts.

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New Jack was charged with aggravated assault stemming from the incident, but was acquitted.

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New Jack began emerging as a singles competitor while feuding with Dudley Boyz.

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New Jack began dragging in a garbage can full of weapons and throwing it into the ring as a sort of ultra-violent trash bag.

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At CyberSlam, New Jack teamed with Hardcore Chair Swingin' Freaks, losing an Ultimate Jeopardy match to Mustafa and the Dudleys.

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New Jack was out of action for the next few months until he returned to ECW at Heat Wave, where he attacked Dudley Boyz with weapons from a shopping cart.

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New Jack returned by the end of 1999 with his eye seemingly recovered, now sporting a scythe around his neck, claiming that he had "upgraded" the staple gun.

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At the 2000 Guilty as Charged pay-per-view, New Jack lost a singles match to Angel due to interference by Da Baldies.

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New Jack suffered brain damage, a broken leg, a skull fracture and was permanently blinded in his right eye, and spent six months recovering, but even while injured Jack defeated Da Baldies leader Angel in a match two months later at Hardcore Heaven.

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New Jack remained with the promotion which was closed due to bankruptcy a month later in January 2001.

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In February 2002, New Jack met Vic Grimes in a scaffold match at XPW's Freefall event.

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New Jack was told "Gypsy Joe is as tough as leather", and New Jack replied that he was not going to lose dollar value from this match and would not have a comedy or gimmick match- but that he would kill Joe in this match.

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New Jack then got angry with Joe and decided to get genuine sells by legitimately attacking the 69-year-old man with a chain, a framed picture of his aunt, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, and several other weapons.

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The crowd, horrified by New Jack's savage beating of this man either left the show in disgust or started calling New Jack the N-word, a term he had been called almost every week during his days in Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

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In October 2004, New Jack, wrestling for Thunder Wrestling Federation, was scheduled to fight fellow wrestler William Jason Lane at an event near Jacksonville, Florida.

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New Jack then pulled out a metal blade from his camouflage wrestling attire, and stabbed Lane multiple times in the head.

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New Jack stated in the Vice documentary series Dark Side of the Ring that the news stated he stabbed Lane 16 times but New Jack stated it was 9 because he counted.

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New Jack claimed that the two met prior to the match and agreed to use a "piece of metal" to inflict injury.

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New Jack announced his retirement on XPW's A Cold Day To Hell in 2008 though he continued working independent shows.

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On June 11,2016, New Jack was set to face former UFC star Phil Baroni in an unsanctioned match at a Pro Wrestling Syndicate event at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey.

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New Jack was featured in the 1999 wrestling documentary Beyond the Mat.

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New Jack is the subject of an episode of the documentary series "Dark Side of the Ring".

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New Jack is referenced in the 1996 Weezer single "El Scorcho", with the line "watchin' Grunge legdrop New Jack through a press table".

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