19 Facts About NFL Draft


However, the NFL Draft-defined name of the process has changed since its inception.

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At a league meeting in December 1934, the NFL Draft introduced a waiver rule to prevent such transactions.

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Bell's inability to sign a desired prospect, Stan Kostka, in 1935, eventually led Bell to believe the only way for the NFL Draft to have enduring success was for all teams to have an equal opportunity to sign eligible players.

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NFL Draft's proposal was adopted unanimously that day, although the first draft would not occur until the next off-season.

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Berwanger's decision to not play in the NFL Draft was not unusual, as only twenty-four of the eighty-one players selected chose to play in the NFL Draft that year.

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NFL Draft submitted the list of players into the pool that the Giants—or other franchises—could choose players from.

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In 1988, the NFL moved the draft from weekdays to the weekend and ESPN's ratings of the coverage improved dramatically.

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Todd McShay was to participate in the NFL Draft, but was unable to due to him testing positive for COVID.

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NFL Draft Network saw no personnel changes, but ESPN and ABC took a few hits.

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ESPN announced that insider Adam Schefter would miss the NFL Draft to attend his son's college graduation, and Mel Kiper Jr.

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The rules do not state that a player must attend college, but virtually all of the players selected in the NFL draft have played college football, usually in the United States but occasionally from Canadian universities as well.

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In November 2020, the NFL Draft passed 2020 Resolution JC-2A, which rewards teams for developing minority candidates for head coach or general manager positions.

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Each NFL team is allowed to transport a maximum of 30 draft-eligible players for the purposes of physical examinations, interviews, and written tests.

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Tickets to the NFL draft are free and made available to fans on a first-come first-served basis.

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Since 1977, the NFL has held a supplemental draft to accommodate players who did not enter the regular draft.

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In 1984 the NFL held an additional draft for players who were under contract with either USFL or CFL teams.

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NFL Draft order is determined by a weighted system that is divided into three groupings.

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NFL Draft next notified Kosar's father he should not formally submit his son's application for the standard NFL draft that was weeks away and declare only afterward; which would put him into the supplemental draft.

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Result of Kosar's withdrawal resulted in rare, open warfare among NFL teams played out in the newspapers with threats of lawsuits between them, notably the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants, who had expressed interest in choosing him in that season's regular draft.

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