31 Facts About Nick Ramsay


Nicholas Nick Ramsay was born in 1975 and is originally from Cwmbran.

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Nick Ramsay was educated at Croesyceiliog Comprehensive School and Durham University where he graduated in English and Philosophy.

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Nick Ramsay later gained a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics from Cardiff University.

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Between 1999 and 2001, Nick Ramsay worked as a driving instructor in Monmouthshire and the South Wales Valleys.

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Nick Ramsay contested the Labour Party stronghold of Torfaen at the 2003 Assembly election, and then the UK Parliament constituency of the same name at the 2005 United Kingdom general election.

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Nick Ramsay served as a Monmouthshire County Councillor for the ward of Mardy, which had previously been in Labour hands for over 20 years.

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Nick Ramsay succeeded David TC Davies as an Assembly Member for Monmouth, and was appointed shadow minister for Local Government in the Third Assembly Term.

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Nick Ramsay stood for leadership of the Conservative group in the summer of 2011 and joined the Conservative Shadow Cabinet as shadow minister for Business, Enterprise, Technology and Science as well as chairing the Business and Enterprise Committee.

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Nick Ramsay joined the shadow cabinet under Conservative Leader, Paul Davies MS, in the position of shadow minister of Finance and to chair the Public Accounts Committee.

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On 2 January 2020 it was reported that Nick Ramsay had been suspended from the Welsh Conservatives and his parliamentary group following what was described as a "police incident" at his home the previous evening.

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Nick Ramsay was held in police custody for 24 hours before being released without charge, but continued to be suspended from the party pending an investigation.

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Nick Ramsay left the Conservative Party in March 2020 and sat as an Independent member.

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In 2019 Nick Ramsay had been adopted by the Monmouth Conservative Association as its chosen candidate for the elections to the Senedd but was deselected in December 2020.

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Nick Ramsay stood as an Independent candidate and lost to the Conservative candidate, Peter Fox.

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In 2008 Nick Ramsay spent much of his time on the Special Assembly Procedure Committee, and in particular the "S025, " which re-considered the Robeston Wathen by-pass proposed by the Welsh Assembly Government.

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In 2011, while a contender for the leadership of the Welsh Conservatives, Nick Ramsay had to apologise after being barred from a pub following a charity pub quiz in aid of Help for Heroes.

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Nick Ramsay challenged the quizmaster, a local antiques dealer, to bid £100 for a rugby jersey in an auction we held on the same evening for the charity.

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Nick Ramsay was quite rude and objectionable and his comments didn't go down well – I think he'd had a few beers.

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In 2012, Nick Ramsay was criticised for missing a committee session; after an evening's drinking in Cardiff at a leaving party for a Labour member of staff at a Cardiff Bay pub before heading into town at closing time for a late city centre bar.

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Nick Ramsay failed to notify the clerk that he was ill until two hours after the meeting was due to start.

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Nick Ramsay was not in the Assembly chamber for the majority of the afternoon's session, but arrived at 5.

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In 2014, Nick Ramsay was accused of having been drunk during a debate in the Assembly.

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Nick Ramsay, who celebrated his birthday that day, had intervened twice during a speech by health minister Prof Mark Drakeford AM, who at one point told him he would pursue the matters raised directly with him outside the confines of the debate.

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In 2020, Nick Ramsay was accused of involvement in a further alcohol-related incident when he was seen drinking alcohol on Senedd premises during a period when this was not legal due to coronavirus public health measures.

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Nick Ramsay criticised the proposed £10,000 pay rise for assembly members prior to the 2016 election and stated that he would donate his pay rise to charity.

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The Western Mail reported in 2019 that Nick Ramsay had not responded to questions that asked which charity his pay raise had been donated to.

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Nick Ramsay has brought legal action against the Conservative Party on two occasions.

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Nick Ramsay attempted to withdraw his legal challenge at the last minute which meant the High Court hearing went ahead.

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The judge ordered Nick Ramsay to pay £25,000 in costs to Monmouth Conservative Association.

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Nick Ramsay lost a vote of the constituency's party association and the party opened a candidate selection process.

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On 8 February 2022, Nick Ramsay defected to the Liberal Democrats and was announced as a candidate for Monmouthshire County Council in the upcoming local elections.

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