23 Facts About Nick Woodman


Nicholas D Woodman was born on June 24,1975 and is an American businessman, and the founder and CEO of GoPro.


Nick Woodman's father was born into a Quaker family and co-founded the investment bank Robertson Stephens; and his mother is of Hispanic descent and re-married Irwin Federman, General Partner of US Venture Partners in 1992.


Nick Woodman grew up in Menlo Park, California and Atherton, California, attending the Menlo School, where he graduated in 1993.


Nick Woodman earned a bachelor's degree in visual arts and a minor in creative writing from the University of California, San Diego in 1997.


Nick Woodman received a $235,000 investment from his father, an investment banker in Silicon Valley, and used his parents' connections in venture capital to launch GoPro.


Nick Woodman's solution was to develop a belt that would attach the camera to the body.


Nick Woodman borrowed $35,000 and a sewing machine from his mother, which he used to sew camera straps while experimenting with early designs.

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Hotax sold Nick Woodman the rebranded camera for $3.05 and the cameras retailed for about $30.


Nick Woodman would go about selling his products while using his 1971 Volkswagen Bus that he named The Buscuit as his mobile home.


In 2004, Nick Woodman made his first big sale when a Japanese company ordered 100 cameras at a sports show.


In 2005, Nick Woodman appeared on QVC to sell his GoPro Hero.


In 2014, Nick Woodman was the highest paid US chief executive, paying himself $235 million while GoPro earned profits of $128 million.


Nick Woodman was invited to speak at various tech conferences, and in October 2015, Nick Woodman was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and wore a GoPro camera for the entirety of the interview.


Nick Woodman appeared as a shark investor in the sixth season of the show Shark Tank.


Nick Woodman had invested $125,000 as of November 2015 on Shark Tank on two investments.


In January 2018 Nick Woodman announced that he was open to selling GoPro.


In 2014, Nick Woodman accepted an Emmy Award on behalf of GoPro for Technology and Engineering in the category of Inexpensive Small Rugged HD Camcorders.


Nick Woodman has not announced when or how much of the original stock the foundation sold.


Nick Woodman was one of the biggest donors in the tech industry in 2014; however, it angered investors because the donation avoided the typical 180-day waiting period after an IPO.


In March 2014, Nick Woodman was honored for his philanthropic work with BUILD at their 5th annual gala in San Francisco.


Nick Woodman has owned a 180-foot yacht, a Gulfstream V jet and properties in Hawaii and Montana.


From 2014, Nick Woodman owned a 150 acre property in Bonny Doon, California.


The Bonny Doon property, which Nick Woodman called "Boogie Ranch", went on the market in July 2020 for $20 million.