36 Facts About Nicola Roberts


Nicola Maria Roberts was born on 5 October 1985 and is a British pop singer.

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Nicola Roberts rose to prominence in late 2002 upon winning a place in Girls Aloud, a girl group created through ITV's Popstars: The Rivals.

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In 2011, Roberts released her debut solo album, Cinderella's Eyes, which peaked at number 17 on the UK Albums Chart, and respectively produced the successful single "Beat of My Drum".

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In February 2020, Nicola Roberts won the first series of ITV's The Masked Singer UK, masked as Queen Bee and in 2021, Nicola Roberts returned in the final of the second series as a guest judge.

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Nicola Roberts later returned in the third series final in 2022 to perform a duet masked as Queen Bee with Markus Feehily masked as Robobunny.

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Nicola Roberts was born on 5 October 1985 in Stamford, Lincolnshire, when her mother was 17.

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In school Nicola Roberts found herself shying away, in contrast to her home life where she was outgoing, even gaining the nickname 'Cilla' from her family.

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Academically, Nicola Roberts performed well, leaving with nine GCSEs, but she declared her dislike of school and began discussing a musical career which led her to work with several girl groups recording demo tracks in several cases.

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Nicola Roberts acknowledged she had always wanted to be a singer and had been entering competitions and auditions with her father accompanying her and gaining support from other family members.

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Still a teenager, Nicola Roberts auditioned for the reality television series Popstars: The Rivals.

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Participants checked into a hotel in Kensington, London, before performing to a panel of celebrity judges; Nicola Roberts found that, up to that point, she "didn't really have much life experience".

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Nicola Roberts felt confident before the audition, but during the actual audition she was "terrified" and was unable to smile until celebrity judge Geri Halliwell complimented her performance stating "I think you're great, you're an individual, you really stand out".

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Nicola Roberts found her clothing and personality were different from those of the other participants in Popstars: The Rivals; most were well-trained vocalists and were well-dressed, while her clothing was less fashionable, due to lack of funds, and she was not as vocally well-trained as the others.

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Nicola Roberts then made it through to the final where she sang the track "I'm So Excited" by the Pointer Sisters.

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Nicola Roberts was the second contestant to be selected for the group, after Cheryl Tweedy.

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Nicola Roberts describing her return to her childhood holiday home in Cornwall.

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The death of McMahon had a large impact on Nicola Roberts, who found herself increasingly emotionally unstable; it came at a time when she moved in with bandmate Cheryl Tweedy, this being the first time she had lived without her family.

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The group earned four UK number one singles, twenty consecutive UK top-ten singles and critically they have been well-received with most albums, although Nicola Roberts found at times critical opinion was "less than desirable".

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Nicola Roberts then started work in the recording studio, with producers such as; Dragonette, Diplo and Joseph Mount.

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The album was then released on 23 September 2011, Nicola Roberts described the album as "electronically led", and the album was inspired by her time performing with Girls Aloud – "It would have been stupid for me to make an album that meant nothing" she said.

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In late 2012, Nicola Roberts admitted during a secret show at Carphones Warehouse on Oxford St, to a small pool of journalists, that she was content with and prepared for the potential commercial fallout of releasing an album that was 'unlike anything out there'.

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Nicola Roberts was to act as an executive-producer and will search "for the next generation of undiscovered designer talent".

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Nicola Roberts was at the time a judge and mentor on Sky Living series "Styled To Rock" alongside fashion designer Henry Holland and Rihanna.

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Nicola Roberts co-penned "Going Nowhere" for girl group Little Mix's debut album DNA.

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In October 2011, Nicola Roberts stated that she had started work on a second album.

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Nicola Roberts wrote two songs for Little Mix's second album Salute, entitled "See Me Now" and "They Just Don't Know You".

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Nicola Roberts confirmed that she had written for Cheryl's album Only Human, which was released later that year.

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In 2018, Nicola Roberts worked with Cheryl again, co-writing the songs "Love Made Me Do It" and "Let You".

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In 2020, Nicola Roberts participated in the ITV series The Masked Singer as Queen Bee and eventually won the competition.

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On 15 August 2020, Nicola Roberts performed The Captive's Hymn at a VJ Day concert at Horse Guards Parade in London.

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On 4 June 2022, Nicola Roberts performed Climb Ev'ry Mountain with Mica Paris and Ruby Turner at the Platinum Party at the Palace concert to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Nicola Roberts found his death troubling and struggled to cope as she was on tour at the time.

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In 2007, Nicola Roberts started a limited production of a make-up range called Dainty Doll aimed at the pale-skinned market.

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At the start of her music career Nicola Roberts began to note that other girls were dressing more "glamorous" than she did, and at the age of 16 during her auditions for Popstars: The Rivals, she wished to look like them.

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Nicola Roberts met with families of individuals who had died from melanoma, which encouraged Roberts to become an advocate for the banning of underage usage of tanning beds.

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Nicola Roberts continued to advocate on the issue of bullying; in an interview given to Rolling Stone, she stated she was "sick" of an image-driven society.

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