51 Facts About Noel Edmonds

1. Noel Edmonds has been added to the I'm a Celeb lineup.

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2. Noel Edmonds absolutely blasted Holly Willoughby years ago and oh, wow.

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3. Noel Edmonds is set to appear as the 11th campmate on 'I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!'.

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4. Noel Edmonds is off to I'm A Celebrity … but while we wait for him to turn up in the jungle, let's enjoy this clip from this Saturday teatime heyday.

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5. Holly Willoughby and Noel Edmonds are set to reunite on I'm A Celebrity 2018, two years after their awkward This Morning interview.

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6. Noel Edmonds has been eating his way through his garden to prepare for I'm A Celebrity.

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7. Noel Edmonds is going into the I'm A Celeb jungle really soon.

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8. Noel Edmonds had some harsh words for Holly Willoughby years ago.

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9. Noel Edmonds is set to join the line up of I'm a Celebrity Get me out of Here! The presenter is currently locked in a legal battle with banking giant HBOS.

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10. Noel Edmonds confirmed as the latest addition to the I'm A Celebrity lineup.

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11. Noel Edmonds is set to appear as the 11th campmate on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!.

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12. Noel Edmonds set to join I'm A Celebrity 2018 line-up as a secret campmate.

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13. Noel Edmonds has been tipped to join the I'm A Celebrity 2018 line-up—with a mega fee.

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14. Noel Edmonds has been revealed as the eleventh campmate reportedly set to enter the I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here jungle.

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15. Noel Edmonds is reportedly being lined up to join the cast of 2018 as a secret guest alongside stars including Emily Atack, Nick Knowles and Anne Hegerty.

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16. Noel Edmonds set to join I'm A Celebrity 2018 as a 'secret' campmate?.

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17. Noel Edmonds has emerged as a surprise campmate to join the I'm A Celebrity jungle—and he'll be the highest paid star ever, reportedly.

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18. Noel Edmonds has emerged as a surprise campmate to join the I'm A Celebrity jungle.

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19. Noel Edmonds has become the highest paid I'm A Celebrity 2018 contestant with a whopping £600,000 fee.

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20. Noel Edmonds is 'highest paid I'm A Celebrity 2018 contestant earning £600k'.

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21. Noel Edmonds is set to be the highest paid star to enter the I'm A Celebrity jungle EVER.

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22. Noel Edmonds is a licensed helicopter pilot, and one of his early personal aircraft was registered G-NOEL.

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23. In July 2009, Noel Edmonds married his third wife, Liz Davies, a make-up artist on the programme Deal or No Deal.

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24. On 7 June 2016, Noel Edmonds claimed on Twitter that an Electromagnetic Pulse device costing £2,315 was "A simple box that slows ageing, reduces pain, lifts depression and stress and tackles cancer.

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25. When he dies, Noel Edmonds anticipates that "My energy will return to where it came from—part of a massive, incomprehensible universal web of energy".

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26. In August 2015, Noel Edmonds gave an interview to the Daily Mirror in which he stated that the greatest problem facing humanity was "electrosmog" due to Wi-Fi and other "systems", causing the destruction of "our natural electro-magnetic fields".

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27. Noel Edmonds claimed that he had stopped payment on his TV licence in early 2008, in response to the sometimes controversial methods used to enforce collection of the licence.

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28. Noel Edmonds is a trustee of the Renewable Energy Foundation, an organisation which is strongly opposed to wind farms.

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29. In March 2014, Noel Edmonds declared on Newsnight that he was part of a consortium which planned to buy the BBC, because the corporation is "sleepwalking itself to destruction".

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30. Noel Edmonds was said to be very critical of Lancaster City Council's management of the Morecambe park.

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31. Noel Edmonds has interests in Unique Motor Company, a producer of small off-road vehicles.

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32. Noel Edmonds resigned as non-executive director of UBCMG in March 2006 as a direct result of the success of Deal or no Deal.

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33. In 1985, Noel Edmonds formed the Unique Group, which now consists of various operations.

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34. In 1997, Noel Edmonds was involved in an episode of the Chris Morris spoof documentary series Brass Eye, in which he unwittingly pledged his allegiance on camera to a campaign to rid the country of a new killer drug, the entirely fictitious 'cake', which apparently made ten seconds appear as a few hours to a user by stimulating part of the brain called Shatner's Bassoon.

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35. Noel Edmonds took Collins to Heathrow Airport, where Collins boarded Concorde to fly to America to perform at the Philadelphia concert.

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36. Noel Edmonds was involved in the historic Live Aid concerts in 1985, transporting stars to and from the Wembley concert via helicopter and appearing on stage at Wembley to introduce the set by Sting and Phil Collins.

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37. Noel Edmonds had in fact presented the very first National Lottery in 1994 before handing over to Anthea Turner and Gordon Kennedy.

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38. On 21 August 2006 it was announced that Noel Edmonds would be returning to the BBC to host a one-off programme called Everyone's A Winner! celebrating National Lottery "good causes".

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39. Noel Edmonds is the first TV personality to receive an award from the AAG.

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40. On 27 September 2015, Noel Edmonds received an award from the Atlantic Award Group for his extensive contributions to broadcasting.

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41. On 16 March 2007, Noel Edmonds made a cameo appearance as himself in a sketch with Catherine Tate who appeared in the guise of her character Joannie "Nan" Taylor from The Catherine Tate Show.

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42. Noel Edmonds was recently nominated for a BAFTA award for his work on the programme but lost out on the night to Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

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43. In March 2006 Noel Edmonds had his contract for presenting Deal or No Deal extended until autumn 2007, for a fee rumoured to be £3 million, making him one of the highest-paid personalities on UK television.

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44. Noel Edmonds made his television comeback, presenting the gameshow Deal or No Deal on Channel 4, from a format that had already proved popular in numerous countries.

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45. In the 1980s Noel Edmonds hosted a series on BBC1 called The Time of Your Life, in which celebrities recalled the time they were at their happiest professionally.

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46. Noel Edmonds was one of the original presenters of the BBC's motoring series Top Gear during the late 1970s.

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47. In 1980 Noel Edmonds took part in the Eurovision Song Contest, introducing the UK entry live on stage at the final in the Hague.

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48. Noel Edmonds hosted Top of the Pops at various points between 1970 and 1978, during which time he presented a phone-in programme for teenagers called Z Shed on BBC1 as well as a programme called Hobby Horse.

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49. In December 2004, Noel Edmonds played a detective on a radio murder mystery play on local station BBC Radio Devon.

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50. In 2003, Noel Edmonds made a brief radio comeback, taking over the 'drivetime' broadcast on BBC Radio 2 for eight weeks while Johnnie Walker was treated for cancer.

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51. Noel Edmonds moved back to Sunday mornings from 10am–1pm in 1978 and presented Talkabout, an hour-long talk show broadcast on Thursday evenings.

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