14 Facts About Nurse Betty


Nurse Betty doesn't know that her husband supplements his income by selling drugs.

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When Nurse Betty calls to ask about borrowing a Buick LeSabre for her birthday, Del tells her to take a different car.

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Nurse Betty manages to sneak the car for herself, anyway, although unbeknownst to her, a large stash of drugs are hidden in the LeSabre's trunk.

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Nurse Betty seems oblivious to the murder, even with the investigation going on right in her house.

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Nurse Betty spends the night at her friend's house, sleeping in a child's bedroom.

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Nurse Betty stops at a bar in Williams, Arizona, where the bartender talks about her vacation in Rome; Betty tells her that she was once engaged to a famous surgeon.

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In Los Angeles, Betty tries to get a job as a nurse while looking for her long-lost "ex-fiance".

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Nurse Betty is turned down because she has no resume or references, but when she saves a young shooting victim's life with a technique she learned from the show, the hospital offers her a job in the pharmacy but forbids her to touch any more patients.

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Nurse Betty ends up living with Rosa, the older sister of the young man she helped earlier, in gratitude for saving his life.

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Nurse Betty learns from a colleague that "David" is a soap opera character, and goes to the pharmacy window to confront Betty.

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Nurse Betty begins to think that Betty is an actress determined to get a part on A Reason to Love, so he decides to play along.

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When Nurse Betty arrives on set, she falls out of her fantasy world back into real life.

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Back at Rosa's house, Nurse Betty is telling her roommate what happened when the two hitmen walk in and take Nurse Betty and Rosa hostage at gunpoint.

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Nurse Betty appears in 63 episodes and takes a vacation in Rome.

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