12 Facts About Otis Thorpe


Otis Henry Thorpe was born on August 5,1962 and is an American former professional basketball player who played for several teams in the National Basketball Association.

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Otis Thorpe was an NBA All-Star in 1992 and won an NBA championship with the Houston Rockets in 1994.

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Otis Thorpe had the longest NBA career of any former Friars player.

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Otis Thorpe was drafted by the Kansas City Kings as the ninth overall pick in the first round of the 1984 NBA draft.

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That year, in perhaps his best game of the season, Otis Thorpe nearly missed a triple-double with 35 points, 11 rebounds, and 9 assists.

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Otis Thorpe was traded to the Houston Rockets for Rodney McCray and Jim Petersen in 1989.

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Otis Thorpe played in 542 consecutive games between 1986 and 1992 and, at one time, held the longest streak of consecutive games played in the NBA.

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On December 7,1993, Otis Thorpe scored a career-high 40 points in a win over the Charlotte Hornets.

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That season, Otis Thorpe was an integral part of the Houston Rockets' trip to the 1994 NBA Finals and subsequent first NBA Championship.

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Otis Thorpe signed with the Miami Heat in 1999 and was traded to the Charlotte Hornets, along with Rodney Buford, P J Brown, Jamal Mashburn, and Tim James in a deal for Anthony Mason, Ricky Davis, Dale Ellis, and Eddie Jones.

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When Otis Thorpe finished his last game in 2001, he was the last remaining member of the Kansas City Kings to retire.

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Otis Thorpe finished his career with over 17,000 points and 10,000 rebounds in the NBA.

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