17 Facts About Out Run


Out Run is an arcade driving video game released by Sega in September 1986.

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Out Run is considered one of the most influential racing games, cited as an influence upon numerous later video games, playing a role in the arcade video game industry's recovery, and providing the name for a popular music genre.

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Out Run is a 3D driving video game in which the player controls a Ferrari Testarossa Spider from a third-person rear perspective.

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Out Run's original concept was to base the game on the American film The Cannonball Run, of which he was a fan.

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Out Run disliked racing games where cars exploded on impact, and wanted gamers to enjoy the experience of driving and to feel "superior".

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Out Run scouted Europe for two weeks in a BMW 520 for ideas.

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Out Run went on to become Japan's highest-grossing arcade game of 1987.

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In Europe, Out Run was the most popular arcade game during the late 1980s.

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Out Run became the fastest-selling and best-selling computer game in the UK that year.

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In May 1988, the Atari ST version of Out Run became the first ST title to top the UK all-formats chart.

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In 2020, it was revealed that Out Run is the second best-selling Sega Ages title in overseas markets outside of Japan, especially in Europe.

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Out Run was ported to numerous home consoles and computers.

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Out Run won the 1987 Golden Joystick Award for Game of the Year, beating Renegade and The Last Ninja.

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Out Run received the Golden Joystick Award for Arcade Game of the Year, beating Renegade and Bubble Bobble.

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Out Run has been listed among the best games of all time by Next Generation, Retro Gamer, Stuff, Time, G4, KLOV, NowGamer, Yahoo, and 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die.

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Suzuki went on to make After Burner and a number of other games, but Out Run is still talked about with a special kind of wonder.

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In 2015, Out Run appeared at 4th place on IGN's list of The Top 10 Most Influential Racing Games Ever, behind Pole Position, Gran Turismo and Virtua Racing.

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