13 Facts About Paige O'Hara


Paige O'Hara was born on Donna Paige Helmintoller; May 10,1956 and is an American actress, singer, and painter.


Paige O'Hara was born May 10,1956, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and attended Nova High School in Davie, Florida, and Parkway Middle School of The Arts, in Florida.


Paige O'Hara performed in shows with the Fort Lauderdale Children's Theatre.


Paige O'Hara's mother is of Irish ancestry, and her father was born in Ireland to a family of Irish, British, Dutch and German background.


Paige O'Hara began acting at the age of four, attending acting classes in her home state of Florida.


Paige O'Hara cites American actress and singer Judy Garland as one of her idols.


Paige O'Hara made her first appearance on the Broadway stage as Ellie May Chipley in the revival of Showboat in 1983 starring Donald O'Connor.


Paige O'Hara repeated the role for the Houston Grand Opera's 1989 production and continued with them when the show was moved to the Cairo Opera House in Egypt.


Internationally, Paige O'Hara has played the role of Nellie Forbush in South Pacific.


In Season 2 of The Legend of Prince Valiant, Paige O'Hara had a recurring role as Princess Aleta.


In 2016, Paige O'Hara appeared at numerous special screenings of Beauty and the Beast in honor of the film's 25th anniversary.


Paige O'Hara reprised her role as Belle in the 2018 film Ralph Breaks the Internet.


Paige O'Hara appeared as a librarian in the TV special Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration.