22 Facts About Pandya


The early Pandya chieftains ruled their country from the ancient period, which included the inland city of Madurai and the southern port of Korkai.

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Pandya Nadu was home to a number of renowned temples, including the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai.

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Etymology of Pandya is still a matter of considerable speculation among scholars.

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Pandya is attributed as an "amazonian queen" whose servants were men and administrative officials and army were women.

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Pandya is thought of ruling the whole western and northern coast of Sri Lanka from her capital Kudiramalai, where remains of what is thought of as her fort are found.

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Pandya is sometimes seen as an incarnation of the Pandya associated gods, Meenakshi and Kannagi.

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Medieval Pandya kings were claimed to have belonged to the Chandra-vamsa or the Lunar Race.

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Pandya is praised for his victory of Mizhalai and Mutturu, two "vel" centres along the ocean.

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The Pandya chiefdom was famous for its pearl fisheries and silk industry.

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Pandya seems to be the most prominent of the three "ventar" rulers.

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Pandya empire included extensive territories, at times including large portions of south India and Sri Lanka.

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Pandya invaded the Chola country, sacked Uraiyur and Thanjavur, and drove the Chola king Kulothunga III into exile.

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Pandya led his army to the Chola country, to Sri Lanka and to south Kerala.

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Pandya was successful in confining the Hoysala control to the Mysore Plateau.

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The Pandya attacked the Hoysalas in the Kaveri and captured the fort of Kannanur Koppam.

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Sundara Pandya I was succeeded by Maravarman Kulasekara I Around 1279 the combined force of Hoysala king Ramanatha and Rajendra III was defeated by Maravarman Kulasekara I Maravarman Kulasekara I, now virtually unchallenged, ruled over the Chola country and southern Tamil speaking portions of Hoysala kingdom.

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Pandya invaded Sri Lanka, ruled by Bhuvanaikabahu I, "carried away to the Pandya country the venerable Tooth Relic", and the wealth of the island.

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The Pandya brothers fled their headquarters, and the Khaljis pursued them unsuccessfully.

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Pandya country, located at the extreme south-western tip of South Asia, served as an important meeting point throughout the history of the India.

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The pearls from the Pandya country were in demand in the kingdoms of north India.

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Pandya country was home to a number of renowned temples including Meenakshi Temple in Madurai.

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The large walled temple complexes of the Pandya country contained several administrative offices and bazaars.

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