12 Facts About Pandyan dynasty


Pandyan dynasty is attributed as an "amazonian queen" whose servants were men and administrative officials and army were women.

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Pandyan dynasty is thought of ruling the whole western and northern coast of Sri Lanka from her capital Kudiramalai, where remains of what is thought of as her fort are found.

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Pandyan dynasty is sometimes seen as an incarnation of the Pandya associated gods, Meenakshi and Kannagi.

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Pandyan dynasty is praised for his victory of Mizhalai and Mutturu, two "vel" centres along the ocean.

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Pandyan dynasty fought against an alliance of the Pandya, Chera and Sri Lankan kings, and defeated the Cheras and "deprived" the Pandyas of their ancient capital Madurai.

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Pandyan dynasty succeeded his older brother Jatavarman Kulasekhara in 1216.

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Pandyan dynasty invaded the Chola country, sacked Uraiyur and Thanjavur, and drove the Chola king Kulothunga III into exile.

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Pandyan dynasty led his army to the Chola country, to Sri Lanka and to south Kerala.

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Pandyan dynasty was successful in confining the Hoysala control to the Mysore Plateau.

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Pandyan dynasty invaded Sri Lanka, ruled by Bhuvanaikabahu I, "carried away to the Pandya country the venerable Tooth Relic", and the wealth of the island.

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Pandyan dynasty divided Madurai into 72 districts, including 16 districts of those closest to the Pandyas.

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Pandyan dynasty gave them positions and made them separate from the Pandyas.

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