14 Facts About Pastorals


Pastorals was the first to set his poems in Arcadia, an idealized location to which much later pastoral literature will refer.

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Pastorals is too consumed in his career as a usurer to leave it behind for the country.

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Pastorals strove to write in this fashion to conform to what he thought was the original intent of Pastoral literature.

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Pastorals gives much focus to the fruit bearing trees and Adam and Eve's care of them, sculpting an image of pastoral harmony.

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Pastorals's is the only character throughout the play who embraces and appreciates both the real and idealized life and manages to make the two ideas coexist.

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Pastorals did not see the form as merely a recording of a prior rustic way of life but a guise for political discourse, which other forms had previously neglected.

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Pastorals refers to the pastoral process as 'putting the complex into the simple.

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Pastorals then discusses how the city's relationship with the country affected the economic and social aspects of the countryside.

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Pastorals concedes though that such a categorization is open to much misinterpretation.

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Pastorals's first condition of pastoral poetry is that it is an urban product.

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Pastorals's poem, Build Soil is a critique of war and a suggestion that pastoral, as a literary mode, should not place emphasis on social and political issues, but should rather, as Patterson says, "turn in upon itself, and replace reformist instincts with personal growth and regeneration".

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Pastorals says the speakers in pastoral works are simple herdsmen dramatized in pastoral encounters.

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Pastorals says there are pastoral novels of the country life, of the longing for the simple, and with nature as the protagonist.

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Pastorals explains that even though there is a general lack of lavish description in Renaissance Pastoral, this is because they were beginning to use gestural strategies, and artists begin to develop an environmental consciousness as nature around them becomes endangered.

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