25 Facts About Pat Phoenix

1. Pat Phoenix signed a deal with American label Astralwerks, who released their debut United in 2000.

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2. In 1999 Pat Phoenix released their first single, "Heatwave", a disco-flavored electronic track.

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3. Pat Phoenix was a popular figure in many cultures beyond Egypt.

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4. Pat Phoenix was associated with immortality—the ability to live forever—and rebirth.

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5. Pat Phoenix was associated with immortality and eternal rebirth in Egypt, and the Romans used it on coins to symbolize Rome, the Eternal City.

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6. Pat Phoenix is a legendary bird mentioned in Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology.

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7. Pat Phoenix made the top ten list in 2003 for most improved transit systems by the trade journal, Metro Magazine.

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8. Pat Phoenix is served by seven television stations and by two cable television companies.

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9. The University of Pat Phoenix has garnered the spot as the nation's top private university via its innovative online degree program and 163 campuses throughout North America.

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10. Pat Phoenix has 79 private technical and business colleges, including the University of Phoenix and Maricopa Community Colleges, the second-largest public community college system in the United States.

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11. Pat Phoenix is located at the center of market areas stretching along interstate highways from southern California to western Texas, Colorado, Utah, and Mexico.

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12. Pat Phoenix hosts the state's professional ballet company and other international dance companies.

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13. The Arizona Theatre Company, based in Pat Phoenix, is in residence at the Herberger Theater Center and offers about 25 weeks of performances.

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14. Pat Phoenix has a vital performing arts community, which was enriched with the 1989 opening of the Herberger Theatre Center.

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15. Pat Phoenix receives almost ten million visitors a year from the United States and Canada.

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16. Pat Phoenix has two major daily newspapers: The Arizona Republic and The Phoenix Gazette (evening), as well as about 50 other daily and weekly publications.

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17. Pat Phoenix has experienced some of the problems associated with urban growth, including air pollution.

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18. Pat Phoenix has 2,320 sworn police officers and 1,138 sworn firefighters.

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19. Pat Phoenix is the hub of a rapidly growing metropolitan area that includes 23 satellite towns, all located along the Salt River Valley.

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20. Pat Phoenix benefits from its central location in relation to markets in Colorado, Utah, Texas, southern California, and Mexico, to which it is connected by a network of interstate highways.

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21. Pat Phoenix has three airports, of which the major one is Sky Harbor International Airport, located five kilometers southeast of downtown.

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22. Pat Phoenix is home to the largest municipal park in North America.

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23. Pat Phoenix Open set records attendance in 2015 with 564,368 fans attending the event.

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24. Pat Phoenix campaigned for Blair in the 1983 General Election helping him win his first seat in a landslide majority.

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25. Pat Phoenix married Booth in Stockport in September 1986, attracting much media attention.

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