38 Facts About Patrick Chan

1. Patrick Chan finished fifth at the 2017 World Figure Skating Championships in Helsinki for the second consecutive year.

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2. Patrick Chan skated to a disappointing fifth-place finish at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, though he again took silver at the worlds that year.

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3. At the senior level Patrick Chan continued to shine, winning the first of seven straight Canadian national titles in 2008.

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4. Patrick Chan was the son of immigrants to Canada from Hong Kong.

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5. Patrick Chan credits the school for much of his success as a student athlete.

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6. Patrick Chan graduated from Ecole secondaire Etienne-Brule, a French-language school in Toronto in 2009.

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7. Patrick Chan is a three-time world champion, and has two Olympic silver medals.

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8. Patrick Chan has been tasked with gathering To do so, the Times must rise from the ashes of the paper's gross mismanagement.

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9. Patrick Chan said his proposal was mild and merely aimed at sparking discussion.

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10. Patrick Chan said his proposal was mild and merely aimed at sparking Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Patrick Nip Tak-kuen said the topic was sensitive and controversial, as recent polls had illustrated.

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11. Patrick Chan had previously criticised Leung for "hijacking" his Secretary for Mainland and Constitutional Affairs Patrick Nip addressed lawmakers before the debate and said the Hong Kong government was committed to fighting discrimination.

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12. In the individual men's event, Patrick Chan finished ninth after placing sixth in the short program and eighth in the free skate.

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13. On September 23, 2016, Patrick Chan announced that his new coaching team would be led by Marina Zueva, and his training base would be Canton, Michigan.

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14. At the 2014 Winter Olympics, Patrick Chan competed in the inaugural team event.

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15. In late March 2012, Patrick Chan competed at the 2012 World Championships in Nice, France, and won his second straight World title.

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16. Patrick Chan competed in the 2012 Canadian Championships in January 2012.

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17. Patrick Chan was assigned to 2011 Skate Canada International and 2011 Trophee Eric Bompard as his Grand Prix events.

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18. Patrick Chan worked with Dr Peter Davis, the former sports science director for the US Olympic Committee; choreographer Lori Nichol; Kathy Johnson, a movement and balance coach; Andy O'Brien, a strength, fitness and nutrition coach; physiotherapist Mark Lindsay; and Eddie Shipstead who helped with quads, using special harnesses which prevent injury.

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19. Patrick Chan struggled with consistency at 2010 Cup of Russia, accumulating another four falls over the competition.

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20. Patrick Chan began his season at the 2010 Liberty Summer Competition where he debuted his new short program to the music of Take Five, a jazz piece.

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21. On January 8, 2010, Patrick Chan announced a coaching change to Lori Nichol, his long-time choreographer, and Christy Krall, a technical specialist based in Colorado.

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22. Patrick Chan contracted a suspected case of H1N1 swine flu during a high performance training camp in Vancouver.

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23. In July 2009, Patrick Chan landed a quad toe loop jump during a warm-up session at the 2009 Liberty Summer Competition.

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24. At the 2009 World Championships, Patrick Chan placed third in the short program, behind Brian Joubert and Evan Lysacek, and second in the free skate to win the silver medal behind Lysacek.

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25. At the 2009 Four Continents Championships, Patrick Chan placed first in the short program, in which he received level 4 for all his spins and for his straight-line footwork.

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26. In May 2008, Patrick Chan performed in the Festa on Ice show in South Korea, alongside show headliner Yuna Kim.

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27. At the 2008 Canadian Championships Patrick Chan won the national title at age 17.

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28. Patrick Chan began his Grand Prix season at the 2007 Skate America, where he won the bronze medal.

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29. Patrick Chan began working with Don Laws, a former student of Colson's whom he met at Colson's funeral, in 2007.

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30. Patrick Chan competed at the 2007 Canadian Championships in Halifax and placed fifth.

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31. Patrick Chan was then coached by technical specialist Shin Amano, who coached in the same facility.

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32. Patrick Chan wore a gold medallion belonging to Colson that was engraved with Colson's initials.

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33. In 2001, aged 10, Patrick Chan won the bronze medal at the Canadian Junior National Championships at the juvenile level, the lowest qualifying level in the Canadian figure skating competition structure.

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34. Patrick Chan said, "I tell people I owe the flow in my knees and the flow I generate from my edges to Mr Colson.

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35. In May 2008, Patrick Chan was named Asian of the Year in arts and sports by Asia Network magazine.

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36. Patrick Chan tried to enroll in college a couple of times: first at Colorado College to study international economics in September 2011 and second at the University of Toronto to study social sciences in the fall of 2014.

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37. Patrick Chan graduated from Ecole secondaire Etienne-Brule, a French-language school in North York, Toronto, in 2009, prolonging his high school education by an extra year because of his skating.

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38. At the age of five, Patrick Chan showed talent in downhill skiing, but focused on other sports after his family moved to Toronto.

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