20 Facts About Paul Sherwen

1. Paul Sherwen died of heart failure on 2 December 2018 at his home in Kampala, Uganda, at the age of 62.

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2. Paul Sherwen was survived by his wife Katherine and their two children Margaux and Alexander.

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3. Paul Sherwen retired after two seasons winning the British road race championship in 1987 his final season.

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4. Paul Sherwen came second in the Four Days of Dunkirk in 1983, winning a stage.

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5. Paul Sherwen finished 70th in the 1978 Tour de France.

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6. Paul Sherwen won the Archer Grand Prix cycle race in 1976 and 1977.

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7. Paul Sherwen started his sporting life as a swimmer, finishing second in the under-14 Kenyan swimming championship.

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8. Paul Sherwen is an English former professional racing cyclist.

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9. Paul Sherwen lives in Kampala, Uganda where he has interests in a gold mine, commuting between Uganda and the United States regularly.

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10. Paul Sherwen died Sunday morning in Uganda, where he has made his home for more than a decade.

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11. Paul Sherwen began his pro career with Fiat in 1978, then signed for La Redoute in 1980, racing with that program until his retirement in 1985.

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12. Paul Sherwen raced seven editions of the Tour de France and worked 33 more as a commentator.

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13. Paul Sherwen was a professional during the days of Sean Kelly and Stephen Roche.

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14. Paul Sherwen lined up for a total of seven Tours, earning notoriety for his six hour solo effort on stage 11 of the 1985 Tour.

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15. Paul Sherwen was born in Lancashire in the UK, and raised in Kenya, returning to England in his late teens where he first turned to cycling, finding much domestic and French amateur success.

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16. Paul Sherwen participated in 40 editions of the Tour de France, 7 as a rider and 33 as a broadcaster.

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17. Paul Sherwen was a seven-time participant in the Tour between 1978 and 1985 and was a two-time British national champion.

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18. Paul Sherwen lived in Uganda since age 7 and was a citizen of the East African nation.

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19. Paul Sherwen is known around here as a long-time voice of the sport of cycling.

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20. Paul Sherwen lived in Kampala, Uganda where he had interests in a gold mine, commuting between Uganda and the United States regularly.

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